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Bali attracts millions of tourists every year and for a good reason. As soon as you set your foot in this blissful Indonesian island, the warm hospitality of its people makes you feel completely at home. When you begin exploring this charming travel destination, a beautiful world unfolds before you with some fabulous beaches, a rich culture, and some fascinating monuments. As you go further inland, you'd find pristine jungles and amazing volcanoes. During your time spent in Bali, you'd have the opportunity to relish some delicious varieties of local dishes. When the sun goes down, a thrilling nightlife awaits you in its exciting clubs, bars, and restaurants. 

However, there are certain unique aspects of Bali, which would remain etched in your memories:


1. Rice terraces

Most of the tourists who've visited Bali are all praise for the terraced rice fields of the island. This method of rice cultivation has been in existence for the past 2000 years in Bali. You'd be astonished to know that these terraced rice fields were created by the earlier generation of Balinese with their hands using simple tools. They were brilliantly preserved over the years by the generations that succeeded them. It would be an awe-inspiring sight to watch the sun rise over the mist-covered rice fields. You can also enjoy an unforgettable hiking experience through these lush green fields. Jatiluwih, Belimbing, Pupuan, Tegallalang, and Ubud are some of the areas where these rice terraces are found.


2. Traditional dances

The unique and graceful dances of Bali are not to be missed during your time spent on the island. Most of them are based on the Hindu epic, Ramayana. In almost all the dances, the performers use various expressions with their hands, face, and eyes. The 'Kecak' dance is performed by a group of seated men, who make the backing sounds with their mouths and sway their arms to create a wonderful drama. The 'Barong' dance tells the story of struggle between good and evil. The 'Leong' dance is one of the most refined and feminine dance forms of Bali performed by young girls using beautifully choreographed movements.


3. Gamelan

Dominated by percussive instruments, Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of Bali that makes an excellent use of metallophones and hand-played drums. It was immensely popular in the past, but its popularity has somewhat declined with the growing presence of pop and other forms of contemporary music. However, Gamelan is still played in several traditional ceremonies and formal occasions in Indonesia and is an integral part of its culture. Bamboo flutes, xylophones and a traditional instrument called 'Rebab' are played by the seated men, while the vocals are performed by female solo singers called 'Sindhen'.


4. Ancient temples

There are over 10,000 temples in Bali. You'll never be too far from a temple while you are in this enchanting Indonesian island. These temples range from small shrines to sizeable temple complexes. Among the most ancient temples is Pura Besakih, located on the slopes of Mount Agung in the eastern part of Bali. It is believed to have been in use as a place of worship even before the late 13th century when the Javanese conquerors settled in this region for the first time. Pura Tanah Lot is another famous temple, which is situated on a rocky island and is a popular tourist and pilgrimage site. Other temples worth visiting are Pura Luhur, Pura Tirta Empul, and Pura Taman Ayun.


Besides these four aspects, there are many things in Bali that you can explore during your visit to this Indonesian tourist haven. The bali holidays offered by Lowest2 would give you some great insights into the local culture and the region’s popular attractions.