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If you're in Australia and are craving for a beach destination where you don't want to be bothered by large crowds of tourists, head to the Gold Coast. This coastal city in the Queensland state of Australia has been known for long as a relatively secluded holiday destination. You can find vast expanses of green surroundings during your sightseeing trips in this city as nearly half of it is covered by various types of forests. It would be great if you visit this city during its pleasant spring season, which begins in the month of September and lasts until November. This is the time when Gold Coast is extremely gorgeous with lesser crowds and a windy climate.

The City

The abundance of red cedar attracted the Europeans to this region during the 19th century. Southport, which is now the central business district of this city, became popular among the wealthy residents of Brisbane as a secluded holiday destination. This led to the inflation of real estate prices in this part of Australia, and the city was nicknamed 'Gold Coast' in the mid-20th century. Until that time, it was known as the South Coast as it was located to the south of Brisbane. This region was proclaimed as the city of Gold Coast on the 16th of May, 1959.

Natural Beauty

You'll be delighted to see the pristine ancient rainforest, areas full of eucalyptus trees, and mangrove islands during your holidays in gold coast. The remnants of pine forests that were developed in the mid-20th century by the Commonwealth government can also be seen while touring the greener areas of the city. While exploring the Gold Coast hinterland, you'll come across the Lamington National Park, which has beautiful geological features. It has been listed as a World Heritage area by the United Nations and attracts several day-trippers and hiking enthusiasts.

Wildlife Attractions

Many of the zoos, wildlife parks, and aquariums located in Gold Coast are home to the most fantastic wild animals. You can also enjoy close interactions with some of them while visiting these places. One of the most iconic wildlife attractions in the city is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread over a vast area of 27 hectares, this sanctuary gives you the chance to wander through open animal enclosures, cuddle the koalas and feed the kangaroos. If you have children accompanying you, they can have lots of fun in a themed playground called Wild Island. Other interesting places to watch the wild animals in action are David Fleay Wildlife Park and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

The Beaches

One of the key aspects of this city is its charming beaches and you just can’t miss visiting them during your holiday in the city. Among them is the Nobby Beach, which is a wonderful stretch of golden sands set against the backdrop of an excellent line-up of bars and restaurants. Burleigh Beach is a favourite among teenagers to enjoy their summer breaks and indulge in some exciting activities, such as surfing. Other fabulous beaches worth visiting in Gold Coast are Budds Beach, Rainbow Bay, and the beach of Currumbin Creek.

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