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It’s summer time, and the Brits are hunting for some exciting destinations that would make their holidays truly memorable. Over the years, five destinations have gained immense popularity among most of the Britons and an increasing number of holidaymakers are looking forward to visiting these places. They are treasure troves of architectural wonders with loads of opportunities for fun and entertainment for the entire family. So, if you are someone in the United Kingdom who's still searching for an interesting travel destination for your summer holidays, consider these five destinations we were talking about:



More than 60 million tourists arrived in this country last year for their holidays, which was more than its overall population. After all, there has to be a good reason for this unprecedented influx. The answer lies in the country's gorgeous Canary and Balearic islands, where tourists can find a number of pristine beaches and vast expanses of beautiful natural surroundings. If you think the islands of Spain are the only places to have fun, think again. The mainland is equally beautiful and offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment.



They say 'France is the place for romance'. Well, couples would surely find France quite charming and come across some beautiful spots to spend a romantic holiday, but there are many places in this country that appeal to individual travellers and families as well. There's Disneyland in Paris for kids and their parents to have an exciting time, and there's Provence where one can find enchanting natural surroundings. For food lovers, there are some excellent varieties of French dishes worth savouring in the elegant restaurants.


United States

Brits love to live the American dream; well, at least for a few days in summer! There are places in the United States of America that always feature on the lists of many people in the United Kingdom during summers. Among them is Orlando, a city in the Florida state that has Walt Disney World, promising great entertainment and fun for children and their parents. Other destinations that find favour among the British tourists in this country are Las Vegas and Miami.



A summer in Italy is what many of the Britons desire when planning for their summer holidays. The reason? Well, this country is rich in many aspects, be it the fascinating natural landscapes, delicious food, or historic attractions. Most popular places among the British tourists visiting this country are Tuscany and Umbria. However, there are many other spots in Italy, which never fail to delight their visitors. Moreover, there are some mouth-watering treats that await them in the country's restaurants.



Greece is a culturally rich country with seemingly endless natural attractions that’s high on the wishlist of many Britons to spend their summer holidays. While holidaying in this charming country, one would come across miles of gorgeous coastline, intriguing ancient ruins, and historic sites along with some interesting myths of gods, monsters, and kings. It also has islands with some marvellous white-sand beaches with swaying palms to complement them. If you’re in this amazing country, you would surely experience some magical moments.


Visiting any of these wonderful destinations would certainly give you the chance to explore some of the most majestic places and attractions that they have in store for travellers. You can enjoy a delightful holiday in some excellent summer destinations with Lowest2. Happy holidays!