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The name 'Canberra' comes from the word 'Kambera', which means 'meeting place' in 'Ngunnawal', one of the extinct indigenous languages once spoken in Australia. It may be a coincidence that the Australian capital is truly a meeting place of sorts, where you can unwind with the city's people over a cup of fresh ground coffee. You’ll also get to savour the cultural delights that this part of Australia has to offer for its visitors. People who've made the Australian capital their home proudly call themselves 'Canberrans'. Your holiday in this city would be truly unforgettable as you'll have some exciting experiences and witness some fabulous attractions here.


The National Carillon

Officially opened in the year 1970, it is a huge carillon gifted by the British government to the Australians in celebration of the capital's 50th anniversary. Its maintenance and management is done by the National Capital Authority for the Commonwealth of Australia. The tower has a height of 160 feet and was designed by an Australian firm called Cameron Chisholm Nicol. In the year 2004, it underwent some renovation works including those of the interior function facilities. The concept for this tower was developed by one of the architects of Cameron Chisholm Nicol, Don Ho. Upon visiting the carillon during your holidays to canberra, you can listen to its chime every quarter-hour by being anywhere within the suggested distance of 100 metres.


Old Parliament House

This building, constructed in the Simplified or 'Stripped' Classical style of architecture, was the seat of the Australian Parliament from 1927 to 1988. It was designed by John Smith Murdoch, the Australian architect who had designed several government buildings. He designed this building along with a team of assistants from the Department of Works and Railways. In recent times, it functions as a venue for concerts, temporary exhibitions, and lectures.

Australian War Memorial

Opened in the year 1941, this is a national memorial honouring the members of the country's armed forces and supporting organisations who sacrificed their lives in wars that involved the Commonwealth of Australia. It is considered one of the most important memorials of its kind globally and includes the national military museum. The Commemorative Area, the Memorial's Galleries, and the Research Centre are the three parts of this war memorial. It also has an outdoor Sculpture Garden, where you can find bronze plaques and some fascinating sculptures. You can visit this place between 10 am and 5 pm daily, except on the Christmas day.


National Zoo and Aquarium

This zoo and aquarium is privately owned by a Canberran businessman called Richard Tindale and is maintained as a family-run business. It receives no funds or support from the government and relies solely on the entry fees for its operation. The zoo and aquarium's grounds and animals are managed by a number of volunteers who are recruited for assisting the management in such matters. A visit to this place would allow you to witness different species of wild animals, such as Sumatran tigers, white lions, penguins, koalas, and kangaroos. It also underwent a major expansion recently with the addition of open range exhibits spanning an area of 30 acres.

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