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There's so much in the United States of America (USA) to explore! It has snow-covered peaks, it has beaches, it has vibrant cities, and the list seems endless. With the assimilation of so many cultures, religions, and ethnicities from different parts of the world over the years, USA has diverse offerings in store for its visitors. Tourists from various corners of the globe travel all the way from their home countries to explore the architectural wonders and entertainment options in the popular places of this country. Here are our favourite picks:


New York City

Let’s start with the country’s largest city, which is also a global power city. New York City is a delight for the lovers of art and architecture as it has many sprawling galleries, museums, exhibition spaces and festive events. The streets of this city pack many unforgettable experiences within a limited amount of space in such a manner that you may wonder how everything here is so tidy and well-organised. When the sun goes down, it wakes up to an exciting nightlife with all the illuminations, nightclubs, entertainment venues and shopping malls. You can also taste some of the most delicious international cuisines in the elegant restaurants of the city.

Las Vegas

Known as the 'Entertainment Capital of the World', Las Vegas is globally renowned for its grand casinos and hotels built around different themes. It ranks regularly among the most-visited tourist destinations of the world and is called 'Sin City' by many for its tolerance of several forms of adult entertainment. Most of the offerings in entertainment are found on 'The Strip'. After New York, London, and Tokyo, this is one of the few cities where you can find such diverse range of big-budget shows and entertaining events.



If Las Vegas is meant for adult entertainment, this is the American city for family entertainment. Orlando, located in the state of Florida, is often called the 'Theme Park Capital of the World' owing to its massive theme parks that give families the right doses of fun and excitement. The most popular among them is Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. However, Orlando has much more to offer than just theme parks. Tourists visiting the city would also get the opportunity to explore the beautiful neighbourhoods, nature reserves, and cultural venues.



The sun-kissed beaches and art-deco buildings would make you fall in love with this city on the Atlantic coast of south Florida. Even if Miami didn't have beaches, it would’ve still attracted tourists with its amazing arts scene, thrilling nightlife, and creative cuisine. You can enjoy a year-round sunshine in this part of the world and the open-air venues become the favourite spots for biggest parties, where one gets to enjoy plenty of music and dance performances.



Vast expanses of natural beauty, a warm weather, scenic beaches, and volcanic mountains make Hawaii a must-visit place in the USA. Once you're in this island destination, you'll certainly know why so many people refer to this state as paradise. You'll be tempted to swim in the crystal-clear pools beside the majestic waterfalls or spend some quality time relaxing on its gorgeous stretches of sands touched by the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The local arts and cultural festivals not only keep the rich traditions alive, but also give you a reason to celebrate.


By now, these fantastic destinations must've got you thinking about taking off to the USA. Then, why wait? Book your usa holidays on Lowest2 and start packing your bags!