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So many of us want to enjoy a fulfilling holiday in a fascinating destination but often fall short of budgets. A feeling of disappointment naturally sets in when faced with such situations, but there’s always a way out. As you know, planet earth is a very big place with thousands of destinations to be explored. What you probably don’t know is that some of the most beautiful ones are a part of Spain and located on the Atlantic Ocean. These are the gorgeous Canary Islands. Here we present you the six most attractive Canary Islands, where you can have a great holiday at an unbelievably lower budget.


1. Lanzarote

Recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, this island of the Canaries is fondly called the 'Hawaii of Europe'. While getting around in this part of the world, you would come across stunning black-sand beaches and extraordinary landscapes. They have already been featured in some of the popular Hollywood films. As if these marvellous sights weren't enough, you'll be treated to pleasant surprises, such as a meal cooked by the heat of volcano! Also spread across the island are the sculptures and buildings designed by the renowned architect, Cesar Manrique.


2. Fuerteventura

Imagine having the freedom to choose from 150 beaches to unwind, and that too in a single destination! Welcome to Fuerteventura. Over the years, this island has become a beach lover's paradise with the presence of both white-sand and black-sand beaches. Visitors of these beaches can also enjoy a host of exciting activities like snorkelling and kayaking. You can head to the Jandia town, where the traditional markets would give you some great bargains on souvenirs. Besides, this island is one of those places on earth where you can enjoy more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually.


3. La Palma

Eco travellers and astronomers would love to be on this wonderful island characterised by lush green surroundings and clear skies. It has been nicknamed 'Isla Bonita', which literally translates as 'Beautiful Island' in Spanish. The island was created from a volcanic formation and is abundant in untouched natural resources. While holidaying in this region of the Canaries, you would come across amazing volcanoes and a unique local culture.


4. Tenerife

This is one big island in the Canaries that attracts millions of tourists every year. It also hosts the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the largest carnivals in the world. The infrastructure for tourism on this island is fantastic and there are plenty of attractions to explore, such as natural parks, beaches, and heritage sites. You would also love to indulge in adventurous water sports like kitesurfing and sailing while holidaying in Tenerife.


5. Gran Canaria

Some tourists wonder why Gran Canaria is called a 'miniature continent'. Well, it turns out that you can enjoy a variety of landscapes and different climates on this particular island. It has long white-sand beaches, picturesque villages, green ravines, mountains and lakes. Biking enthusiasts would love the excellent network of bike trails throughout the island. If you are on the lookout for some fun and excitement after dark, head to Las Palmas, the capital, for a fabulous nightlife.


6. La Gomera

This is the smallest of all Canary islands. However, it is an unexplored paradise that gives you the opportunity to enjoy vast expanses of beautiful natural landscapes, traditional culture, and an interesting history. Its capital, San Sebastian de la Gomera is the main port from where Christopher Columbus had started off on his journey. During your time spent on this island, you can visit La Garajonay National Park, Laurisilva forest, and the golf course of Quaint Playa de Santiago resort.


All these islands can be explored by individuals as well as families. Now, if you have made up your mind to visit any of these charming islands, you can find some excellent low cost holidays on Lowest2.