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White sand beaches, sapphire-blue waters, and lush green expanses - it's all there in the Indian Ocean islands. They’ll surely offer you a reason to escape your monotonous life for a few days and spend an unforgettable holiday amidst beautiful and serene natural surroundings. After all, who wouldn't like to be in places that are far from the hustle-bustle of crowds, suffocating pollution, and frenetic routines? So, here we present some of the popular island countries of the Indian Ocean that would give you quite a few excellent choices for your next holiday:


A gorgeous chain of 26 atolls, Maldives has been traditionally known as the 'King's Island' for its central location in the Indian Ocean. Atolls are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a lagoon either completely or partially. Maldives makes for a perfect luxury island destination with its beautiful white-sand beaches and resorts that have their own private island. A dive into the crystal-clear waters would take you to an underwater world that has fascinating coral walls and a variety of charming tropical fish. However, when you visit the country's enchanting beaches, you may not want to go anywhere else!


Located off the African continent's south-eastern coast, Mauritius is almost the same as Maldives with regards to appearance and natural features. What makes it distinct from its counterpart is the range of facilities available at the resorts and the various options in water sports for tourists. You'll certainly have a memorable holiday in this island destination, visiting its renowned attractions and feeling treated like a celebrity by the comforts and luxuries offered in its hotels and resorts. Some truly exciting treats await you in its elegant and world-class restaurants, where you can enjoy a delicious variety of local as well as international dishes.


When you have over 115 islands to explore, your holiday would really be something to look forward to. Seychelles, with so many islands, is a destination that has an abundance of rich natural treasures. Among them are the attractive beaches and lush green hills, where you'd hardly find any tourist crowds. On some of its beaches, you'll come across some unique natural features, such as large boulders that appear more like massive sculpted stones arranged on the majestic white sands. Of course, you can go ahead and indulge in any of your favourite activities like diving and snorkelling during your visit to its beaches.

Sri Lanka

It seems like Sri Lanka was waiting to be discovered fully by tourists. Years of unrest had kept them from exploring this amazingly beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean. However, things have changed with the unbelievable transformation that the country has witnessed in recent times owing to political stability and rapid economic progress. Besides all its golden-sand beaches, you'll get to visit some ancient temples and UNESCO World Heritage sites while holidaying in this country. With so many attractive places packed into a small geographical area, you can reach your desired spot without having to travel too long.

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