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The Canary Islands are known for their natural beauty and a serene environment, and Fuerteventura is the second-largest among them. Of course, it would give you some truly exciting moments with its enchanting beaches and opportunities for some exciting outdoor activities. However, it has a lot more to offer than just beaches and charming landscapes. Although it is politically a part of Spain, it is a part of the North African region and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some of the island's prominent features:

Gorgeous Beaches


If there's one thing you'll have in abundance during your fuerteventura holidays, it is the island's beautiful beaches. So, when you're in search of some sun, sand, and sea to unwind after your busy sightseeing schedules, head to one of the coastal areas. Sotavento Beach on the south-eastern part of the island has miles of sandy stretches and a peaceful atmosphere. Also located in the southern part of the island is Cofete Beach, which has the Jandia Mountains as its backdrop. It is perfectly suited for the adventure-seekers as the 20-kilometre dirt track leading to the beach would give you a thrilling ride. Other beaches you can explore while in Fuerteventura are the Esmeralda Beach, Gran Tarajal Beach, and Esquinzo Beach.

Desert Area

fuerteventura Desert Area

The Dunes of Corralejo are truly one of nature's greatest wonders. After all, you wouldn't be expecting a desert on an island destination that has beaches and green natural surroundings. You'll have over 2,000 hectares of golden sands to indulge in some exciting desert adventures. There would be no buildings or man-made structures of any kind to interfere with your expeditions. Yes, you'll have some plant and animal species that can be seen at some places in this desert area, but you'll surely appreciate them while savouring the majestic dunes.

Thriving Wildlife

Thriving Wildlife

UNESCO had granted Fuerteventura the status of a Biosphere Reserve in the year 2009. It seems the unique and rich natural setting and wildlife of the island couldn't be ignored any more. There are about 13 protected nature parks on this island and almost half of the total land area in Fuerteventura has been marked for conservation. You'll find the leatherback turtles while exploring the western coast. The Barbary Ground Squirrel, also known as 'chipmunk' can be found all over the island. These squirrels were brought as pets back in 1965, but they multiplied rapidly over the years. Today, many tourists feel delighted to watch the squirrels and some even have the pleasure of feeding them.

Thrilling Activities

Thrilling Activities

You'll have plenty of opportunities to try some exciting outdoor activities while holidaying on the island. As there are pretty strong winds blowing past the island, windsurfing would be the best activity to enjoy while you're at a popular beach. The waters of the Atlantic that surround this island have some amazing species of marine life, which you can explore with the help of scuba diving or snorkelling. If you like to hike, the La Pared Isthmus and Jandia Natural Park would be the two ideal spots.

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