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Surprised? Well, that's probably what would happen if you're in this city in Japan's Kansai region. During the Edo period, that is, between the early 17th and late 19th centuries, Osaka was the centre for rice trade and later came to be known as the 'Nation's Kitchen'. Today, the city's fascination for food has become a reason for its popularity across the world. The British food and travel writer, Michael Booth, and the French food critic, Francois Simon, have gone to the extent of declaring Osaka as the 'food capital of the world'. So, what's in store for you in this food-loving city of Japan? Let's take a look:

1. Sushi

Think of Japanese food and the very first thing that would come to your mind is sushi. This dish is basically rice combined with vinegar, salt, sugar, and various ingredients like vegetables, tropical fruits, and seafood. Sushi rice is the main ingredient, while the other ingredients used with it vary; and so does the presentation. In recent times, sushi is available throughout the world, but eating the dish in Japan is a unique experience. Here, it is available at all places - from the small stalls to the high-end sushi restaurants.

2. Sashimi

Another Japanese delicacy worth savouring in Osaka, Sashimi consists of fresh, raw fish or meat sliced into thin pieces and garnished with radish or leaves of the 'shiso' herb. The method of thin slicing is called the 'usu-zukuri' cut. Other methods of slicing are the 'hira-zukuri' or rectangular slicing and the 'kaku-zukuri' or square slicing. Sashimi is served with soy sauce or 'ponzu', which is a citrus-based sauce. Paste made from a plant called 'wasabi' is another popular choice for serving with sashimi, as it destroys harmful bacteria.

3. Tamago

Tamago or egg is used generously in Japanese snacks. A simple snack of boiled eggs would be enough for a quick meal. However, you would also love the different types of delicacies made using eggs. One of them is an egg sandwich known as 'tamago katusando', which is available at some of the popular restaurants in Osaka. It is presented in the form of sliced bread with a layer of scrambled egg in between.

4. Desserts

If you’re someone who loves desserts, Osaka would be one of the best places on earth to enjoy their different varieties. Among the most popular ones in this Japanese city is the 'mitarashi-dango' which comprises glutinous rice called 'mochi' covered with sweet soy sauce. The ice cream sandwich would be another best dessert to try during your time spent in Osaka. At certain places, the cold and rich ice cream is placed in a deep fried bun. At other spots, you'll come across 'ice monaka'. This is yet another mouth-watering variety of sandwiched ice cream with a soft wafer of mochi used as a covering. Ice monaka is the variation of a Japanese sweet dish called monaka, which uses red bean fillings instead of ice cream.

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