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Before we begin, there’s a piece of advice for all the tourists from the United Kingdom. Do not go by the popular belief. At times, a travel destination that has been perceived as an expensive one might turn out to be a lot cheaper. So, if the folks from the UK are planning their holidays in destinations hyped as the costlier ones, they don’t really need to change their plans. These places can be truly be explored with lower budgets:


"Oh, come on, are you crazy?" This is how many in the UK would react when they hear that Paris can be their low-cost destination. "No, we aren't," we'd say. When compared to London, Paris can be a much more cost-effective city. A lot many things in the French capital can be budget-friendly, such as a Metro ticket and fast-food chains. There are discounts as well. For those below the age of 30, some of the museums, theatres, and concerts offer great reductions on tickets or passes. Many of the fascinating attractions are located close to each other, which is another great benefit for those who don't mind going for a stroll. 


This might again be a shocker for many of the tourists from the UK, but Spain continues to be a destination that offers great value for money. Lanzarote, Costa del Sol, and Mallorca are some of the places that can be cheapest for the tourists from the UK who can go on a self-catering holiday. If the statistics are to be believed, Spain is among Europe's sunniest countries. The sunbathers would be delighted to stay in any of the resorts on the Mediterranean coast as those regions enjoy over 300 days of sunshine annually. With so many impressive cities to explore, such as Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid, who'd not love to go on a holiday to Spain?


If the UK travellers can refrain from shopping too much while in this country, it can be quite inexpensive. There are cheaper modes of transport they can take when getting around, such as trains and buses. Grand taxis can be extremely cheap if shared with a few other passengers. There are some historic places worth exploring in cities like Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca. A considerable sum can be saved by eating in the souks and getting a cup of coffee from the small cafes. Beaches from Agadir towards the north are located close to each other and can be visited by taking any of the cheaper local buses.


It has been a favourite among the Germans for quite some time; but now, it has become popular with the UK tourists as well. The reason? This resort town of Egypt is cheaper for those arriving from the UK and provides access to the most intriguing historical attractions. It also offers an extensive sandy stretch for beach lovers to unwind and take in some warm rays of the sun. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that the top travel companies are increasingly offering low-cost and tailor-made holidays to this Egyptian destination.

If you are a resident of the UK and have been keeping off your holiday plans to any of these places considering your limited budgets, don’t be dejected. Book any of the low cost holidays with Lowest2 available for these destinations and get your holiday dreams fulfilled.