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You'll certainly fall in love with Ottawa at the first sight! Well, why won't you? The Canadian capital has been rated consistently in recent times as the best place to live in the country. It is home to the most educated population of Canada, its standard of living is the highest in the nation, and it is a place that has many educational and cultural institutions. It has several parks, gardens, and public spaces that offer peaceful surroundings for those craving for some moments of serenity. When you begin your sightseeing trip around the city, you'll come across many of its charming attractions:

Historical masterpieces

All the majestic structures that were built in the past have retained their beauty until this day and they continue to fascinate the city's visitors. Among them is the Parliament Buildings located on a hill that looks out over the Ottawa River. You can explore this building with the help of a guided tour. The Rideau Canal is another magnificent structure that was built in the early twentieth century and connects the capital city with Kingston. When the canal freezes, it offers exciting opportunities for you to indulge in some recreational activities like skating.

Green Spaces

There are many green spaces in Ottawa, which provide peaceful surroundings for locals as well as tourists for some respite from the city’s hustle-bustle. One of them is the Confederation Park, located in downtown Ottawa. The entire area has been a part of the city's downtown for many years. It is also the place where various events are held at certain times of the year, such as the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. You can also feel immense tranquillity upon visiting the Andrew Haydon Park on the Ottawa River. It has play areas, walking trails, and is also visited by the shorebirds and migrating Canada geese.

Natural Surroundings

There are places in the city where you'll find vast expanses of natural surroundings. Among them is the Gatineau Park, located to the north of the city's downtown. It is spread over a vast area that spans more than 350 square kilometres and offers picturesque trails for hiking enthusiasts. You can enjoy a hiking expedition in this park with King Mountain and Pink Lake trails. Contrary to its name, the Pink Lake is a crystal clear lake that has an awe-inspiring turquoise colour. If you happen to visit during the autumn season, it appears even more beautiful with the tree leaves taking on some beautiful colours.

Shopping Venues

Some fabulous shopping experiences await you in the elegant malls of the city, but if you wish to experience some street-side shopping, head towards the Byward Market. Its origins can be traced back to the early nineteenth century when it became a symbol of the city's cosmopolitan nature. Many individuals, from young professionals to homeless people visit this market, while it is thronged with young adults at night. When you’re touring this market, you'll also come across smart boutiques and restaurants in addition to the stalls selling vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

There’s much more to see and do in this city, other than visiting all the fascinating places described above. You can book affordable ottawa holidays on Lowest2 and savour all the memorable moments you’ll have while holidaying in the Canadian capital.