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One would instantly get an idea about Indonesia's diversity upon knowing the fact that it is made up of over 17,000 islands. This also makes it the largest island country in the world. With this astounding diversity, you can be assured of having a wide range of experiences in this fascinating nation. It would truly be like visiting many countries within a country. Over the centuries, many cultures have survived and thrived in this part of the world, resulting in the co-existence of people belonging to different faiths and beliefs. While holidaying in this island nation, you'll surely notice its prominent features. 


Bustling Cities 


During their holidays to indonesia, tourists often find its modern cities quite chaotic for a while, but soon feel delighted to explore some fantastic attractions. An interesting mix of old and new buildings would welcome you in its streets with many temples and mosques located in the midst of the malls and high-rises. One of the most dynamic and lively cities is, of course, the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. It has many elegant restaurants, cafes, clubs, and bars that make your time in this part of the country truly exciting. Bandung, the third largest city, is also worth visiting for its beautiful natural surroundings. Other fabulous cities you can explore are Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Medan. 


Enchanting Countryside


People in the Indonesian villages have still preserved the traditional way of life. As you visit the countryside, you'll discover more of the nation's culture and traditions. One such place in Yogyakarta's Sleman district is Desa Grogol, which is ideal for those who wish to learn more about the local culture. During your visit to this village, you'll get to understand the process of making the shadow puppets and the Javanese musical instruments. While exploring Bali, you'll find the scenic rice terraces in the Pejeng and Campuhan villages. Upon visiting the Pakudui village, you can witness the Balinese craftsmen create some wonderful pieces of carvings and ornamental woodwork. 


Rich Culture 


There are hundreds of ethnic groups in the country and each of them has some distinct customs and cultural elements. Generally, the Indonesians are deeply spiritual and quite serious about their daily prayers, rituals, and ceremonies. Many of the cultures in this country celebrate every little milestone in life, such as certain months of pregnancy and the child's first step on the earth. You can also find various arts and crafts come alive in the form of beautiful sculptures, paintings, music, and dances. 


Delicious Food 


The spicy and savoury Indonesian food has all the ingredients to pamper your taste buds. One of the most delectable dishes is the Nasi Goreng, which is considered as Indonesia's version of fried rice and is prepared using thick and sweet soy sauce, garnished with carrots and pickled cucumber. Nasi Padang is another delicious treat consisting of steamed rice, meat, fish, and curries. The Indonesian fried chicken has also become a favourite with many tourists and you'll surely love to have it at one of the food chains located across the island nation. 


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