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Jamaica, the land of Bob Marley, not only gives you the chance to move your body to its fast-paced musical genres but also allows you to explore some enchanting places that have an abundance of natural beauty. This Caribbean nation is the third-largest island in the Greater Antilles and has been used as a setting for many of the James Bond novels. You can enjoy some adventures as well, given the fact that the country has some lush green mountains and forests. The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea also offer plenty of opportunities for you to indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling, and other exciting activities. Here we present some highlights of this fascinating Caribbean island country:



Gorgeous beaches are almost everywhere in Jamaica and some of them appear even more beautiful with all those lush green palm trees amidst powdery sands. Among the most popular ones is Doctor's Cave Beach, which is a favourite with both locals as well as tourists. If you're one of those tourists who want to do more than just walking around the sandy stretches, head to the Seven Mile Beach located in Negril. You'll enjoy the party on its golden sands with some exciting reggae music. Upon getting to the Reggae Beach, you can find jam sessions being held on its fine sands by the local musicians.



Watersports enthusiasts can have several options in adventurous activities to enjoy during their time spent in Jamaica. One of them is rafting, which can be enjoyed in the most fantastic places on the island, such as White River. You can also try jet skiing, swimming, and catamaran cruises in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is home to about 12 golf courses, which gives you the opportunity to try your skills in this sport. The country's world-class golf courses have been created with some mesmerising settings and the latest amenities.



You'll come across reggae almost everywhere while you're in Jamaica. One big reason is that this musical genre originated right here, on this island. As a matter of fact, the world-renowned musical icon, Bob Marley, was also from Jamaica. Reggae fans would be treated to some fabulous music in this genre at the major music festivals of the island, such as Jamaica Jazz, Sumfest, and Bob Marley Birthday Bash.



The local food of Jamaica is as lovely as its music. You'd get to taste some delicious varieties of Jamaican cuisine while holidaying in the island country. Jerk chicken is one of the most widely enjoyed dishes in this part of the Caribbean. Right from roadside eateries to elegant restaurants, you'll find this mouth-watering treat everywhere. It comprises of thick chicken pieces marinated with some hot spices and smoked over grills. Another popular dish is Curry Goat, often served with rice. If you're a vegetarian, Callaloo would be a perfect treat for you. This dish is prepared using leafy vegetables and tastes quite similar to cooked spinach.


As you begin exploring, there are many more experiences awaiting you on this Caribbean island. You can get to this island country and enjoy its offerings with the affordable jamaica holidays offered by Lowest2.