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Think about gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and a life away from the hustle-bustle of cities. Did the pictures of the Caribbean surface in your mind? Well, it's quite obvious. This is one part of the planet where life's all about living in the moment and savouring all the beautiful offerings of nature. Maybe, this is why so many tourists arrive in the Caribbean from distant places of the globe to enjoy their holidays. It has several island countries where you can have some of the pleasant experiences of your life. Here are some of them:

The Bahamas

Officially called the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, it is located in the Atlantic Ocean and comprises of over 700 islands, cays and islets. It offers ideal settings for the sun-starved tourists; and if you're one of them, there are plenty of opportunities to unwind on the picture-perfect beaches in its subtropical islands. Of course, this archipelagic state has a lot more than just beaches. You can find some fascinating reefs, forests, and historic towns as you begin exploring it further.

Saint Lucia

A sensory delight with natural splendours at every turn, Saint Lucia has geographical and cultural features that leave every tourist mesmerised. This island country in the Caribbean Sea has a tropical weather and offers varying landscapes complete with a volcano, botanic gardens, sulphur springs, and the majestic twin peaks called 'The Pitons'. It doesn't matter whether you're a nature lover, and adventure enthusiast, or just a leisure tourist wanting to spend some time on its enchanting beaches. Saint Lucia has something for everyone.


Well-known for its awe-inspiring sunsets, Barbados lies in the Lesser Antilles group of islands in North America's Caribbean region. This island nation has plenty of serene beaches with powdery sand and fantastic turquoise bays. Its indispensable natural beauty and crystal-clear waters would certainly give you a reason to forget all your worries and indulge in your favourite activities on its beaches during your holiday.


One of the Leeward Islands, Antigua is called 'Waladli' or 'Wadadli' by its people. If you wish to have a superlative boating experience during your holiday, this is the perfect place to be in the Caribbean region. It encompasses vast expanses of charming coastline and offers you ample opportunities to relax on its white-sand beaches, try some exciting outdoor activities, and savour its food and cocktails. You'll always find something interesting happening in this part of the world. The most popular event is the Antigua Sailing Week, which brings together a large number of sailors and yachts.

Puerto Rico

An unincorporated territory of the United States of America, Puerto Rico is located in the northeast Caribbean Sea and is officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It attracts a number of tourists owing to its beautiful natural surroundings, tropical weather, traditional dishes and an intriguing history. On some of its beaches, you'll find plenty of tourists lazing around. In a few others, you'll be probably the only one strolling on the endless stretch of sands.

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