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Planning your honeymoon? Don't waste too much time on those frantic searches. We know how important this holiday really is for you and your beloved. After all, both of you must've waited for quite a long time to escape all your commitments and spend some wonderful moments with each other. In order to make this long-awaited holiday memorable, it is essential that you choose a beautiful destination that has plenty of secluded spaces with little or no crowds. So, we've made things easier for you by presenting a few of the most beautiful island destinations, from which, you can pick your desired one for your honeymoon.



This gorgeous island in the Indian Ocean has been one of the favourite destinations for honeymoon holidays ever since tourism began to flourish here. Mauritius has won the hearts of honeymooners with its charming white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and an impressive combination of vast green spaces and serene surroundings. As if all of these offerings were not enough, the heart-warming hospitality of the locals would make your time spent together something to cherish for your entire lives. Don't forget to explore the underwater treasures of this island country with activities like snorkelling or diving.



If you've been to Mauritius and you set your foot in this island nation of awe-inspiring 'atolls', this country would seem more like its sophisticated version. Atolls are ring-shaped islands and Maldives has 26 of them. This island destination offers luxuries that you must've rarely come across, white-sand beaches that are picture-perfect, and diverse species of marine life in the surrounding sapphire-blue waters. When you book your stay in one of the resorts in this island country, you'll be pleasantly surprised to have an entire island for both of you to enjoy plenty of romantic moments with each other. Island hopping would be a delight for both of you during your time spent in Maldives.



More than just a mix of sun, sand, and sea, Seychelles is an island destination of exceptional beauty and a pleasant climate. The welcoming people in this part of the world and the laid-back life over here create an ideal atmosphere for both you lovebirds to savour some truly romantic experiences. You'll have a variety of accommodation types to choose from according to your budget. There are modest Creole guest houses and small but elegant hotels for those with limited budgets. However, those who have no problems spending big can choose the luxurious five-star resorts that are well-equipped with all the imaginable amenities of recent times.



An island in Indonesia that's truly a natural wonder, Bali is also a province with a few smaller islands and is home to a majority of the Indonesian Hindus. Here, you'll get to witness a unique culture and some ancient temples that have withstood the test of time and continue to attract devotees and tourists even today. For honeymooners, the island of Bali would be no less than a paradise with breath-taking natural beauty, attractively-built temples, and courteous people. You and your spouse would be delighted to explore its alluring islands and beaches. Both of you can also indulge in some exciting activities like hiking, diving, and surfing while honeymooning in Bali.


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