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Contrary to the popular belief, Barbados is not only known for its charming beaches but also for a variety of offerings for its tourists. The island has a capital that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also offers a vibrant nightlife, a serene east coast, and the welcoming locals. Located in North America's Caribbean region, this island destination was first visited by the Spanish in the 15th century. However, the British established their rule over this island after it became an English colony in the 17th century. After becoming an independent state and Commonwealth realm in 1966, it has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations over the years.


Relax and have fun on the sandy beaches

Your cheap holidays to barbados would give you some truly pleasing moments when you visit any of the island's enchanting beaches. The west coast has beaches with calmer environs. So, if you're seeking some serenity to rejuvenate your senses, get to one of the beaches in this area. You'll be delighted to find vast stretches of white sands set against the backdrop of lush green palms, which gives you some good reasons to unwind. You can also indulge in some adventurous activities like jet-skiing, swimming, and kayaking during your time spent on these beaches. Surfers would find some ideal conditions to enjoy surfing while exploring the beaches of the east coast. If you wish to explore the coral and sandstone cliffs head to the northern coasts.


Try the game of golf

Barbados can be no less than a heaven for golfers, as the island has many golf courses that have been built over the years at fantastic locations. Many more golf courses are expected to come up in this destination in the years to come. Whether you're a beginner or a professional in this sport, they appeal to everyone. The reputation of this island as a destination for golfing grew after it hosted the World Golf Championships World Cup in the year 2006. One of the golf courses that regularly hosts golfing events is Royal Westmoreland.


Take a walk in the forest

You'll find a lush green forest near St Joseph's Church, which has vast expanses of greenery and offers soothing shades as well as peaceful surroundings for visitors to enjoy a pleasant walk. The walk is made easier with the carpet of leaves on the way and you'll find some fragile ferns along the path. You'll come across the West Indian Mahogany trees, the native palms, and casuarina during your walk in this forest. Upon reaching the highest point of the walk, you'll come across some rare palms, which were once used for thatching roofs by the locals.


Savour the Mount Gay rum

Coming straight from the world's oldest commercial rum distillery, the Mount Gay Rum is definitely worth tasting. It is produced by Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. located on the island and has been named after the 1st Baronet of Four Hills, Sir John Gay Alleyne. This particular rum is sold in more than a hundred countries across the world, but its major export market is the United States of America. It is made from molasses and water, filtered using natural coral and fermented using a selected yeast. After fermentation, the mixture is distilled in copper pot stills and column stills before ageing it in barrels made of oak.

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