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If one were to describe Vienna, the capital city of Austria in one single line, it would be 'a grand display of Baroque masterpieces'. The streetscapes and old buildings in the city would instantly grab your attention while you’re getting around in this part of the country. The Habsburg monarchy has surely created some timeless architectural marvels in Vienna, such as the Hofburg palace complex. When you begin delving deeper into the city's rich cultural heritage and the life of its locals, you'll get the chance to enjoy some varied and memorable experiences:

A stroll in the parks

One of the prominent characteristics of this city is its beautiful parks, which give you ideal surroundings to relax and spend some moments of quiet. They truly come alive with varied colours in early autumn and can be one of the excellent places to be in if you're visiting Vienna during this time of the year. Among the popular parks is the Vienna City Park, which was created in the 19th century and was the first public park in this city. Another wonderful park worth visiting is the Danube Park. It had fallen into a state of decline for some time but was transformed into a recreational area during the 1960s.

A horse-drawn carriage tour

The 'fiakers' or 'horse-drawn carriages' have been popular since the 18th century in Vienna and is very much a part of the Austrian capital as its Giant Ferris Wheel and the St. Stephen's Cathedral. You'll cherish this fantastic ride, which takes you through all the interesting sights of the city in the historic carriage. Fiakers are found in different parts of the city, such as Heldenplatz, Stephansplatz, and Burgtheater. You can opt for a short tour of about 20 minutes or a longer tour of up to 60 minutes. If you wish to enjoy an individual sightseeing tour in the fiaker, you can book directly with any of the fiaker companies.

A dose of Viennese classical music

The Austrian capital has nurtured many legendary musicians like Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Franz Schubert. So, it goes without saying that you've really missed something if you haven't enjoyed a musical concert during your holiday in Vienna. Among the leading venues to experience the Viennese classical music is the Wiener Musikverein, which has hosted some famous international conductors and musicians over the years. Some of the other popular venues are Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Konzerthaus, and Karlskirche

A piece of Sachertorte

You won't forgive yourself if you miss the Sachertorte! The significance of this chocolate cake can be understood from the fact that the 5th of December is a National Day of Sachertorte. There is hardly any local or tourist who'll not like to savour this mouth-watering dessert. Besides chocolate, Sachertorte also contains apricot jam stuffed as a mid-layer and is served usually with cream. This delectable treat has been named after Franz Sacher, an Austrian confectioner, who invented the cake in 1832. Although you can get Sachertorte in various cafes all over Vienna, the original one is served only at Hotel Sacher according to popular belief.

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