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When you set foot in Wellington, you'll surely be impressed by the sights you're welcomed with in the capital city of New Zealand. It’s quite an attractive city to look at with the presence of buildings with a Victorian architecture and abundant green spaces. If you're visiting the city in winter, you'll also be delighted to see the magnificent snow-capped mountains. Wellington is also called the cultural capital of New Zealand, as it hosts several events related to arts and culture. However, there are many things in this city, which remain in your memories for a very long time. Here we've listed a few of them:

Parks, Gardens, and Nature Reserves

Don't forget to explore the green spaces in Wellington as you go sightseeing in the city. Within a short distance from the downtown is the Central Park, which has a perfect mix of grassy fields, gardens, and native bushes. You'll also come across some deciduous trees and pines while taking a stroll in the park. The Wellington Botanic Garden is also a place worth visiting for tourists, especially nature lovers. Besides the trees and plants, there are other attractions you can explore, such as the Begonia House, Peace Garden, and Carter Observatory. 

Wellington Boots

The 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, immensely popularised a type of boot in this part of the world when he wore them during his trip outdoors. Today, they are called 'gumboots' or 'wellies' by the locals and are considered as essential footwear for farmers of the region. Most of the gumboots are black in colour, but you'll also find wellies of different shades and designs in Wellington today. These boots are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or rubber and are entirely waterproof. You'll find them useful while walking on a wet ground, while they also protect you from heavy showers.

The Interislander Ferry

You can experience one of the most mesmerising ferry rides during your Wellington holidays by booking your journey in the Interislander ferry from the harbour. The ferry takes you around the Wellington Harbour and then crosses a narrow channel between the north and south islands. This narrow channel has been named the 'Cook Strait' after the English explorer known as Captain Cook, who was the first one to map it. After crossing this strait, the ferry takes you through a sheltered stretch of water called Marlborough Sounds.

The Wellington Cable Car

No holiday in Wellington would be complete without a ride in the famous Wellington Cable Car. You can join the locals as well as tourists in this fascinating trip, which helps you savour majestic views of the cityscape and Wellington's enchanting surroundings. The cable car also gives you easy access to the Cable Car Museum, Botanic Garden, Zealandia, and Carter Observatory. This cable car system was designed by a Dunedin-born engineer called James Fulton and opened to the public on the 22nd of February, 1902. The most recent upgrade to the electric drive and control system was done in 2016.

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