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The costs involved in travel often keeps most of the people from getting to their favourite destinations or visiting new places. Airfares constitute a significant portion of travel costs and if you manage to reduce them, you can enjoy a significant amount of savings. Now, you might be aware that if you plan your travel and book your flight tickets well in advance, you can fly really cheap. What you probably don't know is the fact that there are several other ways by which you can reduce your airfares:

1. Use a travel portal to book flights

Instead of visiting the sites of airlines separately, you can save your precious time by browsing all the listed flights from different airlines on the travel portals. This not only saves time but also makes it easier for you to compare the latest airfares of flights offered by different airlines. Based on the comparisons, you can book flights with the lowest fares.

2. Hide your searches from the websites

All the leading travel portals use cookies that are stored in your web browser. These simple text files give some valuable information about your browsing habits to the travel portals. Based on the information provided by the cookies, they inflate the fares of a particular route you searched previously to give an impression that the prices are increasing. This is done to scare you into booking the flight immediately. The best way to prevent the websites from planting cookies is to browse in an incognito mode.

3. Look for last-minute flight deals

Sometimes, an airline offers unbelievable discounts on the airfares of a particular flight that still have seats left to be booked. This happens mostly in the low seasons when there are lesser number of travellers. You can search for the last-minute flight deals on the leading search engines or travel portals.

4. Register on a budget airline's website

You can sign up on the websites of airlines to stay updated on the special offers that they frequently come up with. At times, you'll get alerted about some amazing discounts offered on certain flights. The airlines would also send you alerts on the last-minute flight deals if you've registered on their website.

5. Go for an early morning flight

Flights that depart early in the morning often have the lowest airfares, as compared to the ones departing at other times of the day. So, if you don't mind getting up early in the morning, there is an opportunity to save big on the flights to your desired destination by booking an early morning flight.

6. Fly on weekdays

Flights during weekdays would fetch you a good amount of savings as compared to the weekend flights. You can observe this during your search, as the flights, particularly the ones departing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, would have lower airfares as compared to the ones departing on a Saturday or Sunday.

7. Get a loyalty program

If you are a frequent flyer of a particular airline, becoming a member of its loyalty program would give you huge rewards. You can also get a credit card that is tied up with that airline, and enjoy great rewards on your miles. Some of these cards offer reward points based on the distance you have flown or the amount you have spent. These reward points can be redeemed while booking your next journey with the airline.

8. Find the cheapest destination to fly

Airfares vary according to the destinations. The airfares of some destinations are exorbitant, while some are extremely cheap. If you’re planning a holiday and don’t mind going to any of the travel destinations in the world, you can go to a low-cost destination. You would not only save a significant sum on hotels but also get cheap flight tickets to such destinations.

Using any of these tried and tested methods, you can raise your chances of getting lower airfares to your desired places. You can also get cheap flights by choosing from a wide range of destinations on Lowest2.