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When you're in the world's second-biggest nation, what would you expect? Well, allow us to reveal some facts here. To begin with, it is a sparsely populated country. This would come as a big relief to those who hate being in crowded places all the time during their holidays. A major portion of land in this country is occupied by forests and frozen spaces called 'tundras'. This would be great news for someone who likes plenty of natural surroundings that take them far from the chaotic environs of cities. Now, what about those who actually like to have some fun with lots of people around? You’ll have your question answered when you explore some of the fantastic Canadian cities:



Let's begin with the capital city, Ottawa. It has been named after the Ottawa River, and the name of this river means 'to trade' in the Algonquin language. Among all the cities of this nation, the Canadian capital has the most educated population. Your holidays to canada would give you some unforgettable moments while exploring this city. It is truly dynamic and attractive with some world-class museums and public spaces. The city hosts many seasonal activities and festivals, the largest being Winterlude. This winter festival especially attracts children as they can have an exciting time on the ice slides and witness amazing snow sculptures.



Located in western part of Canada, this is a majestic coastal seaport city and among the most ethnically and linguistically diverse Canadian cities. It has been nicknamed 'Hollywood North', as it is one of North America's largest centres for film production. The city has some enchanting and walkable neighbourhoods and offers several choices in outdoor activities for the adventurous lot. It also has many drink-and-dine options and this has led to many tourists naming this as the culinary capital of the country.



One of the world's most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities, Toronto is a hub of business, arts, and culture in Canada. You'd be surprised by the fact that more than 140 languages are spoken in this part of the world and over half of the city's residents were born outside the country. People holidaying in Toronto are often amazed how the residents of such diversities live together in peace and harmony. The towering skyscrapers of the city can be clearly seen from any of the flights to Canada, when it is about to land in the city's airport. The city also has various cultural institutions and some of the finest restaurants in the world, while its bars, clubs, and festivals would give you some thrilling moments.



Named after Mount Royal, this city is located on the Island of Montreal. Its residents believe in living well and enjoying life to the fullest. This is the reason why it has one of the most exciting food scenes in the North American continent. You can easily make your lazy afternoon worthwhile in its bowling alleys and elegant cafes. There are late-night restaurants that serve the most wonderful combinations of delectable treats you'll rarely find elsewhere. If you're in this city during the winter season, just grab your skis or snowboards and head to the slopes of the mountain nearby for some fabulous adventures.


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