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Hawaii is one of those rarest places on the planet where one can discover nature at its best all around. Once you are on this island destination for your holiday, you'll instantly feel grateful for being surrounded by vast expanses of natural beauty. All the endangered flora and fauna in this part of the world have been brilliantly preserved by the authorities, which is evident from a number of national parks that have been created over the years. During your time spent in Hawaii, you'll get the opportunity to explore the amazing features that make it a dream holiday destination:

Enchanting rainforests

There’s an abundance of tropical rainforests in Hawaii, spread across the islands of this beautiful state of the United States of America. You’d also come across some strange trees around the islands, which would leave you pleasantly surprised. Among them are the Sage Banyan and Rainbow Eucalyptus, which continue to inspire many photographers. Most of the rainforests are found in the lowlands and the mountains of smaller islands. Being among the wettest places on the planet, you can also find some majestic waterfalls while exploring the rainforests.

Unique beaches

The geological aspects of Hawaii have also played a major role in creating some charming beaches that are quite unique and awe-inspiring. Among the most colourful are the Punalu’u and Wai’anapanapa beaches that are characterised by long stretches of black sands set against the backdrop of green palms and touched by crystal-clear, blue waters. The black sands were created from the lava that flowed into the ocean during volcanic eruptions. You'll also find a beach covered with bits of glass in Kauai and a green sand beach called Papakolea on the Big Island that has been created by the olivine-rich rock crystals.

Volcanic peaks

The Big Island in Hawaii was formed entirely by volcanic activity over millions of years. Of the five volcanoes that can be found on the island, one has now become dormant, another is about to become extinct, and the other three are active. The youngest among the three active volcanoes is Hualalai, situated on the island's western part. On the south-eastern side of the Big Island is Kilauea Volcano, which is considered to be the most active on planet earth. It added more than 500 acres to the island's shoreline with its eruptions that began in 1983.

Mesmerising marine life

A dive into the blue waters of North Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii would allow you to witness some fantastic species of marine beings contained within them. Nearly 25 percent of the fish are endemic species and you'll not find them anywhere across the globe. You'll also witness the green sea turtles either on the beaches or floating merrily in the waters of the ocean. They have been around for millions of years and even predate the Hawaii Islands. One of the endangered marine species is the Humpback Whale. Every year, a considerable number of humpback whales arrive in Hawaii from Alaska during the winter season.

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