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A gateway to the African continent, Morocco is a country dominated by the Arab and Berber cultures with some Sephardi, European, and West African influences. So, if you're someone who wishes to savour the cultural offerings of this nation, a trip to Morocco would truly give you some unforgettable moments. Even in its modern cities, you'll find traces of its glorious past with ancient ruins and some historic structures. Besides, the warm hospitality of the locals would make you feel completely at home, as you have some pleasant conversations with them over a cup of coffee or the refreshing mint tea.


Ride a camel in the desert

You can get cheap holidays to this country by booking well in advance. Such holidays can give you the opportunity to enjoy a camel ride in the desert areas to the south and east of the mighty Atlas mountains. These deserts seem endless and have very few settlements. For those wanting to escape the hustle-bustle of cities, these areas provide the much-needed serenity and also some fabulous opportunities to indulge in exciting activities. Among them is a camel ride, which you can enjoy as a part of your desert safaris. These tours can truly be memorable in the southern part of the country where there are some magnificent sand dunes.


Go shopping in the 'souks'

It would be hard to imagine life in Morocco without the 'souks' or the traditional markets. Today, they're among the major attractions for tourists visiting the country. You'll get to have some unique experiences in the cities of Marrakech and Fes, which have old quarters full of souks. In the countryside, there are many weekly souks that are set up in each of the villages on different days. Whether you’re exploring the countryside or getting around in the cities, these markets are always abuzz with shopkeepers trying to sell the items stocked in their shops, food stalls, bargaining shoppers, fortune tellers, and some local entertainers.


Stay in a 'riad'

Staying in a 'riad' would be an experience worth cherishing during your holidays to morocco. These traditional mansions built around a central courtyard provide an authentic Moroccan staying experience and can be booked online in recent times. Some of the riads have now been converted into luxury hotels that are provided with some of the latest amenities. However, those who are still in use as homes may have some limitations for the guests; for instance, they accept payments from them only in cash.


Savour the local delicacies

The cuisine of Morocco is a fusion of Berber, Andalusian, Arabic, and Mediterranean cuisines. Spices are used extensively in the Moroccan dishes and play a crucial role in their preparation. Generally, the lunch begins with a hot or cold salad, which is followed by 'Tagine', which is a Maghrebi dish prepared by boiling the meat with the addition of onions, fresh coriander and a variety of spices. It is traditionally cooked in a shallow earthen pot, also called Tagine. For a formal meal, a dish made using lamb or chicken or 'Couscous' topped with vegetables and meat is served.

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