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If you happen to arrive in any of Japan's major cities after sunset, you begin to wonder whether you're part of a grand sci-fi movie. That's exactly how the streetscapes would appear to you with all the neon-lit buildings and the brilliantly-designed surroundings. However, when you begin exploring the nation further, you'll notice that Japan has lots of pleasant surprises in store for you. There are several regions in the country, which contrast the sights you come across in the bustling streets of its cities. In addition to these awe-inspiring sights, you'd also get to enjoy some wonderful cultural experiences while touring this part of the world:


The gastronomic delights

You can enjoy a variety of dishes while in Japan and most of them are a treat to the eyes, just as they are to a hungry stomach. Among them Sushi, which is offered in different flavours and textures. It comprises of rice as the key ingredient combined mainly with seafood, vegetables, and occasionally with tropical fruits. A favoured late-night meal of the Japanese is Ramen, a mouth-watering delicacy of soupy egg noodles. If you wish to savour some deep-fried dishes, try Tempura. This variety of fried food is made by frying the batter-coated vegetables and seafood in sesame oil. Other delicious treats are Kaiseki, Unagi, Soba, and Okonomiyaki.


The natural surroundings

Travellers visiting Japan feel mesmerised upon seeing the rich biodiversity of the country. Although all the recent developments have affected its natural environments, you’d certainly marvel at the way the Japanese have protected them. Tourists long to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and yearn to visit the destination in autumn, when the shades of leaves get transformed into vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. 


The fascinating history

Japan gives visitors a glimpse of its glorious past through some intriguing historical monuments. Among them are the magnificent castles, particularly those built during the 15th century, when chaos prevailed in the warring states and the need for castles arose. The castles built around this point of time in history typically consisted of multiple levels of defence. The Samurai warriors resided around these castles and protected them from the enemies. In recent times, many of these castles contain a museum in them and have been reconstructed using concrete.


The spiritual experiences

Most of the shrines and temples in Japan have been created with beautiful and serene gardens around them. You would feel an inner tranquillity the moment you step into the complex of a shrine or temple. Almost every village and city in the country has its own temple or shrine. Some of the popular ones among them charge a reasonable admission fee. One of the most famous shrines is the Meiji Shrine, located in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. It has over 120,000 evergreen trees that provide a peaceful atmosphere to its visitors. Among the well-known temples in Japan is the Sensoji Temple, which hosts many events throughout the year. The renowned festival of this temple is Sanja Matsuri.


The vibrant nightlife

Nightlife in Japan is best enjoyed in its major cities, where the high-rises and commercial establishments come alive with attractive illuminations after dark. The bars and nightclubs begin to fill up with enthusiastic locals, tourists, and expats who enjoy their favourite drinks and dance to the tunes of some thrilling numbers. Some individuals who don't enjoy dancing much, but like to sing to their hearts' content can visit the elegant Karaoke bars.


Your holiday in Japan would give you some truly delightful moments, as soon as you begin exploring its fantastic offerings. Upon booking an affordable holiday to japan on Lowest2, you’d enjoy greater savings for your journey.