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Yes, that’s what the locals of Sydney like to call themselves. As you approach the harbour of Sydney on a ferry or a yacht, you'll surely get the feeling that this Australian city has plenty of things in store for you to have loads of fun. To begin with, the harbour itself is a great visual delight! The Mercer Quality of Living Survey conducted in 2018 has given this city the 10th place in the world for its quality of living. One finds it really hard to believe that it was founded as a penal colony in the late 18th century when Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in a ship called First Fleet with more than 1,000 convicts, seamen, officers, and marines.

Get entertained

When it comes to entertainment, Sydney has several exciting stuff to offer. You can watch a ballet, a modern dance performance, or an opera at the iconic landmark of the city, the Sydney Opera House. There are several small theatres in different neighbourhoods of the city, such as Surry Hills and Kings Cross. Located near the historic precinct of The Rocks is Walsh Bay, which has many venues and theatre companies. It also houses Bangarra, an indigenous dance company focused on contemporary dance that tells some dramatic life stories through its performances.

Explore the historic attractions

You can get a glimpse of Sydney's past by visiting its prominent historical attractions. Among the most popular ones is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world's largest steel arch bridge. Don't forget to experience the Bridge Climb during your visit to this landmark. It not only allows you to enjoy some spectacular views of the city but also helps you know some interesting stories of the bridge. The 150-year-old Fort Denison also makes for a memorable visit. It functioned as an isolated prison for convicts and was a defence structure as well. You can also get to the point where Captain Cook landed centuries ago with a visit to the Kurnell Peninsula.

Visit the parks

One of the many aspects that make Sydney a beautiful city is the presence of several green spaces in the form of public parks. The Paddington Reservoir Gardens, which is one of these attractive parks, has done well in revitalising a former water source and transforming the entire area into a green haven. You'll also be delighted to visit the Centennial Parklands, a 360-hectare green area that houses Moore Park, Centennial Park, and Queens Park. Hyde Park is the oldest park in the country with various facilities like parking spaces for bikes, cafes, and an excellent bus and rail connectivity.

Hit the beaches

Never miss out on the beaches when you’re holidaying in the city. Sydney's beaches give you ample opportunities to unwind on the sandy stretches and indulge in some exciting activities like surfing. You can also learn to surf at any of the accredited surf schools located at Cronulla, Bondi, or Manly beaches. While taking a walk on the trails of Bondi beach, you'll get to explore its fantastic coastline. You'll love the serenity while unwinding on any of the beaches located around the Sydney Harbour.

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