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‘It’s better in the Bahamas’. That’s what the official site of the Bahamas proudly proclaims. Well, many of the tourists who’ve been to this archipelagic state of numerous islands, islets, and cays in the Atlantic Ocean would go a step further and say, “It's the best in the Bahamas”. After all, with so many subtropical islands to choose from, you'll find everything you've ever wanted for your holiday in an enchanting island destination. Here are some glimpses of the Bahamas:

Awe-inspiring Beaches

Beaches of the Bahamas would surely give you the feeling of being transported to an entirely different world. The seemingly endless stretches of white sands touched by the waves of the turquoise waters of the Atlantic and set against the backdrop of leaning green palms are truly 'picture perfect'. If you're someone who doesn't like to be disturbed while enjoying your time on the fabulous sandy stretches, there are secluded and relatively unexplored white-sand beaches. You'll also be amazed upon visiting the pink-sand beach of the Harbour Island. The Bahamas also have beaches with loads of activities to offer if you're willing to try some adventurous water sports.

Interesting Local Culture

Your time spent in this island destination would also give you the opportunity to know more about its rich cultural heritage. Art, dance, and music forms the core of Bahamian culture and you'll certainly find some Caribbean, English and Bahamian influences in them. This would be more apparent during the Junkanoo Summer Festival which is held every year in the Bahamas. Its origins can be traced back to the 16th century. Over the years, this festival has developed into a more organised event with the participation of up to 1,000 individuals. It is believed that this festival was created by an African tribal chief called John Canoe who had asserted the right to celebrate with his people despite the fact that he was a slave.

Flora and Fauna

Those who've been thinking that this archipelagic state is all about beaches and water sports would be surprised to find that the island destination is also home to diverse species of unique flora and fauna. The reefs have an abundance of eels, angelfish, barracudas, nurse sharks, and clownfish. Amphibian species, such as the Cuba tree frog, Bahamian boa constrictor, and blind worm snake are also found in this part of the Atlantic. Islands of the Bahamas are also home to more than 200 species of resident as well as migratory birds.

Exciting outdoor activities

One particular thing that's guaranteed in the Bahamas is the crystal-clear blue waters and they allow you to enjoy an exciting range of water sports, such as kite-boarding, parasailing, canoeing, and jet skiing. You'll also enjoy swimming with the wild dolphins when you venture into the waters surrounding the islands of the Bahamas. During your diving expeditions, you'll get to discover underwater caves, sunken Spanish galleons, and coral reefs that are abundant with marine life. If you’re craving for some land-based activities, the golf courses can be the right spots to try your skills in the sport.

These are just a few highlights of the Bahamas. You have many more thrilling experiences awaiting you in this island destination of the Atlantic. So, why wait? Book any of the attractive holidays to the bahamas offered by Lowest2 and have an unforgettable time in its islands.