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As soon as you land in Corfu, an enchanting Greek island situated in the Ionian Sea, you'd be joining the ranks of those fortunate travellers who've been mesmerised by its unique natural beauty. Upon exploring the island further, you'd be intrigued by the history and mythology reflected in its monuments and ancient sites. All these interesting offerings have made this part of Greece a popular tourist destination in recent times. This island is an ideal place for couples to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, as there are many aspects of Corfu that they'd cherish forever in their memories:


Beaches amidst rock formations

Imagine being on a beach surrounded by impressive rock formations! Who'd not like to unwind in such beautiful spots? Perhaps this is the reason why tourists seeking some solitude and adult-only spots make a trip to these wonderful beaches. You can expect to savour some gorgeous natural features while on these beaches, such as lush green mountains and olive tree forests. Rovinia, Gialou, and Peroulades are the best examples of such fascinating beaches.


Resorts with marvellous views of the Ionian Sea

There’s rarely anything more delighting than having your stay arranged in a room or suite with a private balcony that gives breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Well, you can have a comfortable stay in hotels or resorts with such experiences while you’re in Corfu with your better half. You can also consider staying in bungalow suites that are created in accordance with the modern design trends and provided with all the latest comforts. They also give you the chance to enjoy panoramic views of the sea.


The aromas from the plantations of citrus trees

While getting around in Corfu, you'd come across the plantations of kumquats, a citrus fruit that resembles the orange. The aromas emanating from such plantations would leave you with an urge to taste them. The soft Mediterranean breeze rushing past these plantations would have a calming effect on your senses as you walk through rows of the citrus trees.


The magnificence of Achilleion

Built on the orders of Empress Elisabeth, also known as Elisabeth of Bavaria, Achilleion was her favourite as she greatly admired Greece, its culture, and its language. This palace was conceptualised along the lines of a palace in the mythical region of Phaeacia. You can explore the fabulous statues and paintings of Achilles during your visit to this historic palace with your beloved. Don't forget to capture some unforgettable moments spent at the imperial gardens with the Ionian Sea and green hill crests in the background.


Romantic sunsets

If you’re in Pelekas, a traditional village located on Corfu's west coast, you can hike to the summit of Pelekas hill and enjoy one of the best sunset views you've ever seen. You would also feel mesmerised by the panoramas and feel like a member of royalty as you admire the 360-degree views from the top.


Corfu is one of those destinations where you’d get to witness all such sights and enjoy some delightful experiences without any inhibitions. The adult only holidays to Corfu offered by Lowest2 gives you and your better half the opportunity to escape the frenetic pace of the present-day life and relax yourselves in the alluring natural beauty of this Greek island.