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Ever wished for a place where you’d have nothing but endless sights of gorgeous white-sand beaches, blue waters of the ocean, and swaying green palms? Get to Maldives, and you’d be living this dream. It is a perfect holiday destination for those weary souls who are bugged by their hectic lifestyles and are desperate to escape into idyllic surroundings. However, Maldives offers a lot more than blue waters, beaches, and greenery. While holidaying in this island nation, you’d come across a unique and rich culture of the local Maldivians. You’d also get to explore the local handicrafts, heritage sites, and watch some cultural performances.


Unwind on the white sands

The Maldives is made up of numerous ring-shaped islands called 'atolls', which includes a coral rim encircling a lagoon either partially or entirely. In such areas, it’s quite natural to find white-sand beaches, that are fringed by green palms and surrounded by seemingly endless blue waters of the Indian Ocean. You’ll feel relaxed the moment you step into the vast stretches of charming white sands of these beaches. Among the best ones are the beaches on the Nika Island and several others like Fulhadhoo, Reethi, and Hulhumale.


Taste the Maldivian delicacies

Just like any other island nation, fish is the main staple of Maldives. There are several creative ways of preparing rice and fish in this country. Another inseparable ingredient in most of the local dishes is coconut, which hardly comes as a surprise considering the abundance of coconut palms on the islands. It is not unusual to find Arabic, Indian, and Sri Lankan influences in the local dishes. Fast food in this region is usually sweet and savoury, and is eaten with a tea called 'sai' by the locals.


Witness the diverse marine life

You'll find fish of all colours and sizes in the crystal-clear waters of the ocean surrounding the beautiful atolls. An underwater dive would give you the opportunity to witness the diverse marine life of the ocean, including the graceful and attractive rays. Sharks of different kinds can also be found in the depths, such as zebra sharks, grey reef sharks, and the whale sharks. Also found in the turquoise blue waters are the five species of sea turtles.


Indulge in some exciting activities

While most of the tourists just like to laze around on its picture-perfect beaches, there are many other activities you can enjoy in this island nation. A wonderful excursion on a sailboat just before sunset would give you the chance to watch the amazing dolphins in action. Scuba diving is a popular activity in Maldives, which can be understood by the fact that thousands of divers from different corners of the world flock to this region for an underwater expedition. Windsurfing and other thrilling water sports like kayaking, kite boarding, and water skiing can also be enjoyed during your time spent in this island country.


If you’ve been planning to escape your monotonous life and unwind in an attractive island destination, there can be no better choice than Maldives. With the affordable holidays to maldives offered by Lowest2, you’d have greater savings for your trip to this fascinating country.