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Generally, you'd expect a vast stretch of beautiful golden sands when heading to a beach, but, what if you are greeted with things that contrast with the conventional features of a beach? There are certain regions where you'd find some of the weirdest beaches that are hardly found elsewhere in the world. We've found five of such unusual beaches that never fail to astonish their visitors. Here they are:


1. Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

Ever seen a black sand beach? If you haven't then this beach would take you by surprise. Located between the Volcano Village and the town of Naalehu in the Hawaii state of the United States of America, the Punalu'u Beach is a stunning stretch of black sands set against the backdrop of beautiful green palms. You might wonder what made this beach wear the shade of black. Well, its sands are made of basalt created by the lava flowing into the ocean as a result of the volcanic activity in the nearby Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


2. Glass Beach, California

This beach near Fort Bragg in California state of the United States of America is covered with sea glass. If you're wondering what brought them here, we have to go back a few decades. This was an active dump site until the late 1960s and was later closed by the Water Resources Control Board of the state. In the years that followed, the pounding waves reduced the dumped glass and pottery into small, smooth, and coloured pieces. Over the next decades, the cleanup programs resulted in the removal of metal and other items, leaving behind only these attractive pieces of glass.


3. Firefly Beach, Mudhdhoo Island

You would find some natural special effects when you visit this beach in Mudhdhoo Island of Maldives in the evening. The beach would welcome you with an astonishing glow, leaving you puzzled. However, this is actually a phenomenon called bioluminescence created by a mechanism of the marine plankton. They are scattered in the form of thousands of glowing specks along the sands of this beach, which gives you a visual spectacle to cherish forever in your memories.


4. Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

Nearly 3 miles of pink sands await you on the eastern side of Harbour Island in the Bahamas. The sight itself will have an instant relaxing effect on your senses, and leave you wanting to spend some more time on this gorgeous pink sand beach. Curious about the pink shade of the sands? Well, they are mainly the bits of broken pink-coloured shells of a microscopic marine beings known as Foraminifera. Other constituents of the sand include coral and fine particles of rocks.


5. Cave Beach, Algarve

A beach inside a cave? Don't be amazed. This is a famous cave beach in the Algarve region of Portugal. What we are referring to as a cave here is a grotto or natural cavity formed by the erosion of limestone rocks resulting from the constant force of the waves. You can access this beach only by water with the help of a tour arranged by any of the local companies on a boat. Now, this is a natural wonder that you would never want to miss out on during your visit to Algarve.


We’re quite sure that you must have started thinking about ways to get to any of these beaches and witness the nature’s wonder yourself. You can start making your plan and book your holiday to any of these beach destinations on Lowest2.