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Mykonos, a serene island located in the Aegean Sea is a part of the Cyclades island group. Over the years, it has become a favourite summer destination of many celebrities and leisure travellers owing to its natural beauty, historic attractions, and a laid-back atmosphere. As the legend goes, this enchanting Greek island was formed from the bodies of giants killed by Hercules, son of the Greek God, Zeus. According to the Greek mythology, the island was named after the grandson of a Greek deity, Apollo. Today, Mykonos is famous for its vibrant nightlife and tourism has become its major industry.


Water Sports

If you're a water sports enthusiast, your Mykonos holidays would be an exciting affair, as the island attracts sailors and surfers from different corners of the globe. No wonder that it is nicknamed 'Island of the Winds'. Among the beaches with excellent facilities for water sports is Kalafatis Beach, which is located between the Kalo Livadi and Lia beaches. It has been awarded the Blue Flag status many times. It has ideal conditions for windsurfing, especially during the summer season when strong winds blow through the region. This beach is easily accessible and is connected with a bus service to Mykonos town.



Among the most iconic features of this island are the windmills, which can be seen from almost every point of the town of Chora. In fact, they are the very first attractions that you come across as soon as you arrive at the harbour of Alefkandra. Most of the windmills face towards the north, where the strongest winds are experienced for most parts of the year. There are several windmills on this island, of which, seven are located on a hill in the Chora town. Many of them were built in the 16th century by the Venetians and were primarily used to grind wheat.



Whether you're a budget traveller or the one seeking the best of luxuries that the island can provide, Mykonos has its range of options for you. The budget-conscious travellers can choose to stay in hostels, which would be far more cosy and elegant than you'd expect. Some of them also offer delightful facilities for their guests, such as laundry and Wi-Fi. If you wish to know more about the local culture and are in search of a quieter place to stay, go for any of the Bed and Breakfasts. You can choose hotels like Mykonos Blu if you're looking for luxurious stays. Besides the modern amenities offered by this hotel, you can also taste some delicious varieties of Greek cuisine in its elegant restaurants.

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Historic Sites

The history of Mykonos dates back to the early 11th century BC when the Ionians from Athens settled in this part of Greece. During these times, the island was rather an impoverished one and the local inhabitants worshipped several gods. This region came under the control of Romans during their reign and later became a part of the Byzantine Empire. While exploring the island, you'll come across some ancient sites that would remind you of its rich history. One of them is the archaeological site of Ftelia, which is located on the route between Chora and Ano Mera.


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