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The word 'Rajasthan' literally translates as 'The Land of Kings'. This makes it obvious that this north-western state of India is a place where you'd find some majestic palaces and forts. Well, this part of India is much more than its historical landmarks. When you begin to explore this state, you'll come to know about the glorious days that it enjoyed a few centuries ago. So, let's catch a glimpse of its places that tell you more about its people and the era of kings and kingdoms:


Despite its quest to become a modernised city, the capital of Rajasthan has not lost its old charm. It gets its name from the founder, Maharaja Jai Singh II, who ruled Amer, now a part of the Municipal Corporation of Jaipur. Today, it has become a popular tourist destination and serves as a gateway to other interesting destinations in the state. An interesting palace located in this city is the 'Hawa Mahal' or the 'Palace of Winds'. It is also home to other attractions, such as the City Palace and Jantar Mantar.



Also called the 'City of Lakes', Udaipur was founded in the sixteenth century by Maharana Udai Singh of the Sisodia clan. It was the capital city until the year 1818 when it became a princely state under the British rule. Tourists marvel at the scenic locations, history, and the Rajput-era palaces that Udaipur offers. You'd come across a lot of interesting attractions while getting around in this city, but the one that's truly worth mentioning here is the Lake Palace, built of white marble on an island in Lake Pichola.



Located between two popular cities of Agra and Bikaner is another historical city called Sikar. It has many large mansions constructed during the era of Mughals that continue to charm the tourists even today. It is also famous for some beautifully-built temples, such as the Mata Mansa Devi temple and Shri Ram Hanuman Mandir. Today, Sikar is also a hub of education in Rajasthan and has many government colleges and private educational institutions.


One of the few temples of Brahma in the world can be found in this prominent town of Hindu pilgrimage. It is among the five sacred 'dhams' or pilgrimage sites recommended for Hindus. Today, it not only attracts pilgrims from different parts of India but also the tourists arriving in Rajasthan from different corners of the world. When you are in Pushkar, you'd feel its spiritual energy with the sounds of chanting, drums, gongs, and devotional songs.

Thar Desert

Forming a natural boundary between India and Pakistan is the Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert. It is the 17th largest desert in the world with about three-fourth of it in India and the remaining portion in Pakistan. You'd have a wonderful opportunity to embark on desert safaris during your visit to this region. In recent times, there has been an increase in both domestic and international tourists, who visit this desert seeking some adventurous activities on its dunes.


We’re quite sure that by now you’d be feeling really excited, having read about all these wonderful places of Rajasthan. So, don’t wait. Embark on a tour of this charming state with the affordable holidays to india offered by Lowest2.