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Not many places in the world offer experiences as diverse as Sri Lanka. The country's beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches, and rich culture give you some truly unforgettable moments on your holiday to this charming destination of South Asia. Years of political upheavals had kept the nation away from the travel itineraries in the past, but this has changed dramatically in the recent times. Today, an increasing number of tourists are arriving in this country than ever before to spend their holidays and to explore its fascinating offerings:


The scenic views

The enchanting landscapes of Sri Lanka dominated by lush green mountains, evergreen forests, waterfalls, and rivers would surely delight your senses. During your trip to the central highlands, you are welcomed by the awe-inspiring sights of vast tea gardens, complemented by a spectacular cover of mist. Of course, a tour of the north central valley is not to be missed, as you would get the chance to witness acres of paddy fields that are watered by the reservoirs called 'wewa' by the locals.

The charming beaches

Whether you want to laze around or indulge in some exciting water sports, the beaches in this part of Asia can be your ideal choice. There are some fantastic coral reefs, gentle sandbars, and elegant boutique hotels near the Beruwala, Tangalla, Bentota and other southern beaches. Arugam Bay on the south-east coast is a haven for surfing enthusiasts, while the Negombo Lagoon in the Western Province has beaches that have fascinated both locals as well as foreign visitors since long.

The historic places

It is quite obvious that Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for individuals who are interested in its intriguing history that dates back more than 3,000 years. Some of the ancient cities in the world, such as Digamadulla, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa were once the thriving townships with palaces, monasteries, temples, amphitheatres, and healing centres. Among the most popular ancient structures is Sigiriya, a fortress built in the 5th century.

The thrilling adventures

Varying geographical features of this nation give plenty of opportunities for adventure-seekers to enjoy some thrilling activities on the mountains and in the depths of the Indian Ocean. So, if you wish to experience the adrenalin rush, try snorkelling or scuba diving in the waters of the ocean or go trekking or hiking on the mountains. Equally exciting are the elephant or horse rides that help you explore some interesting paths.

The abundant wildlife

Sri Lanka is one of the leading biodiversity hotspots on the planet and provides safe havens to diverse species of plants, trees, animals, and birds. Among the mammals that catch the attention of wildlife enthusiasts are Asian elephants, leopards, wild buffaloes, sloth bear, and sambar. You can also find the rarest of mammals in the country's wildlife areas. Toque Macaque, Red Slender Loris, and Purple-faced Langur are some of the most endangered species found in Sri Lanka.

The rejuvenating treatments

Many travellers come to Sri Lanka from different corners of the globe seeking the traditional massages and treatments. Such treatments are truly helpful in relieving fatigue, stress, and some major ailments as well. Ayurveda, the native healing system, has been in existence for over 5,000 years and is considered to be highly effective in healing the body with the use of herbs and balanced diet. Many of the tourists also visit this country to revitalise their mind, body and soul with ancient Buddhist meditation techniques.


With such a variety of offerings that Sri Lanka has in store for its tourists, you would certainly have a great time while holidaying in the country. You can book a cost-effective sri lanka holiday package on Lowest2 for a memorable sojourn.