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Have you been thinking about holidaying in Turkey? Well, then you're in for some delightful treats of magnificent architectural masterpieces, scenic beaches, and, of course, some mouth-watering delicacies from the Turkish cuisine. What would fuel your desire even further to visit this amazing country is the fact that it spans two continents - Europe and Asia. Yes, you read it right! A major portion of this nation is in Western Asia, while a small portion of it is in south-eastern Europe. Your holiday in Turkey would take you to some of its renowned cities, where all the exciting experiences await you:


This is one Turkish city you just can't miss while getting around in the country. Its history dates back to the times when it was established as Byzantium by the Greeks. Later, it came to be known as Constantinople during the rule of the Roman Emperor, Constantine I, also called 'Constantine the Great'. In the mid-fifteenth century, Sultan Mehmed II captured the city and made it the Ottoman Empire's new capital and it was named 'Istanbul' in the years that followed. As it has seen the rise and fall of many great empires in the past, the city now holds precious treasures of art and architecture in the form of beautiful mosques and other historic structures.


If you wish to move out from the hustle-bustle and feel the soothing breeze of the Mediterranean, head to this lovely port city in the south-western part of Turkey. However, things would be a bit different during summers, as millions of tourists throng the city from different parts of the world to enjoy their time on its sandy beaches. For those who wish to explore the neighbouring regions, there are charter-boat tours made available by the local tour operators. As this city is home to two major and many smaller marinas, you can have loads of fun with activities like diving and sailing.


Another Mediterranean wonder, this is among the largest coastal cities of Turkey. It has the Taurus Mountains on its borders and offers you the chance to explore its beautifully-preserved old city or 'Kaleici'. The city was once just a gateway to the Turkish Riviera for travellers but has now developed into a beautiful and stylish coastal city that attracts plenty of tourists from distant lands. Antalya enjoys nearly three hundred sunny days in a year with around three thousand hours of sunlight. So, if you want to enjoy the warm rays of the sun on a beach while in Turkey, this is surely the best place to be in.


This Turkish city has an Aegean feel to it, and houses the majestic Bodrum Castle where you can explore the Museum of Underwater Archaeology'. If you're lucky, you can witness one of the many cultural festivals that are hosted in this part of Turkey, during your holiday. You can find your own serene spaces in Bodrum even during the peak tourist seasons. After a busy day of sightseeing, you can unwind in any of its elegant cafes and enjoy some enchanting views of the surroundings.

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