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Many are of the opinion that Santorini is the most gorgeous of all the Greek islands and you'll definitely agree to this. It has achieved worldwide fame for its awe-inspiring panoramic views, romantic sunsets, beaches, and the unique whitewashed buildings. Wherever you go on this island, the marvellous views of the Aegean Sea will follow you almost everywhere. Considering these facts, you'll be hardly surprised to know that it attracts more than a million tourists every year. Many of the island’s visitors are the romantic couples wanting to spend a memorable honeymoon in this part of the world.

Charming Hotels

During your holidays in santorini, you'll get to stay in any of the attractive hotels on the island with features that blend well with the fascinating natural surroundings. You can choose from the variety of options in accommodation that offer a heavenly atmosphere. Such hotels are located at several places on the island, such as Oia, Akrotiri, Fira, and Imerovigli. Of course, the luxury hotels of Santorini located on the caldera's rim are quite expensive owing to their high-end amenities. If you're seeking more affordable options, choose the ones that are located in the interiors of the villages.

Unique Beaches

You must've seen many beaches, but the ones in Santorini are quite unusual owing to the colour of their sand and their natural setting. Most of the beaches on this island are made up of dark volcanic sand that tends to get hot during the afternoons. So, make sure you've put on your beach sandals or water shoes when you're visiting these beaches at these times. They might lack the typical sandy feel that you get on most of the other beaches around the world, but the breathtaking views that they offer can be a delight to your senses. Kamari and Perissa are among the best beaches to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Fabulous Museums

The museums in Santorini give you some interesting insights into the history and culture of the island. You can witness a fantastic collection of exhibits in the Archaeological Museum in Fira. The statues, sculptures, pottery and inscriptions date back to the Archaic and Roman era. Another museum worth visiting is the Prehistoric Thera Museum. It has some wonderful masterpieces of art from the prehistoric times. The Folklore Museum in Fira is home to the finest cultural items like traditional wedding costumes. You can also explore several other museums like the naval museum and the Megaron Gyzi.

Shopping Experiences

Shops located at several places like Oia and Thira offer a wide range of jewellery, ceramics, Greek art, and other items. They can be a bit expensive as most of these shops are frequented by the cruise travellers. You can find many boutiques that sell items of clothing and local arts and crafts. Most of the jewellery stores are located on the main street in Fira. There's no dearth of gift shops in this part of Greece and they give you ample opportunities to shop for some attractive gifts or souvenirs.


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