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It goes without saying that Venice has a romantic feel to it. Also known as the 'Queen of the Adriatic', this north-eastern Italian city spans a group of over a hundred small islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. The beautiful settings and architecture would certainly set the mood for romance as you and your better half begin to explore this city. You’d instantly fall in love, as some of its romantic aspects begin to unfold before you one by one:


Alluring canals

More than 150 canals take you on a fascinating tour of this city with your beloved, of which, the Grand Canal is the largest. You'd be taken through some charming buildings built along them in the Venetian gondolas, the flat-bottomed boats that have been ferrying passengers since centuries. Such gondola trips have found favour among the couples on their honeymoon holidays in recent times. Don't miss the special experience of cruising through the Grand Canal, as both of you can witness some historic structures that have enchanted millions of visitors over the years.


Enchanting countryside

The Venetian countryside is often overlooked by many tourists visiting the Italian city and that's the only place where you’d find some truly mesmerising sights of greenery and homes with small vineyards in the front. You just have to take a bus from Venice in order to reach one of the neighbouring villages. Once you reach there and get off from your bus, all those wonderful sights you had been longing for would be all around you.


Impressive museums

If you wish to explore an excellent variety of art ranging from Renaissance-era paintings to contemporary works, the museums of Venice are the best places to visit. The masterpieces of all the famous names, such as Pablo Picasso, Tintoretto, and Veronese can be found in the city's museums. Some of them have been built with a marvellous architecture, which would surely impress you and your spouse.



Many of the tourists visiting Venice head to the beaches facing the Adriatic Sea in Lido for unwinding under the sun. Alberoni is among the pleasant beaches of Lido, located in a nature reserve and far from the hustle-bustle of the city. Both of you can explore the island on bikes hired from the local service providers. Besides the beaches in Lido, there are many other beaches close to the city worth exploring. Among them is the Rosolina Beach, which is located about sixty kilometres from Venice and can be reached easily by taking a bus.


The carnival

One of the biggest events in the country, the Carnival of Venice or 'Carnevale di Venezia' is globally renowned for its visually appealing masks. The origin of this carnival can be traced back to the year 1162, when it started with people honouring the victory of Serenissima Repubblica against Patriarch of Aquileia by gathering and dancing in San Marco Square. The celebrations go on for two weeks and are made exciting with several events like masquerade balls and candle-lit parade of boats.


The estimates of 2017 state that up to 60,000 tourists visit this Italian city from different parts of the world every day. You can also be in this city with your beloved and explore its romantic offerings with the cheap holidays to venice offered by Lowest2.