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Hurghada can be one of those undiscovered tourist destinations that you come across while enjoying your water park holiday. Located on the coast of Red Sea in Egypt, this city has become one of the country's most favoured tourist spots in recent times. In its early days, when it was just beginning to emerge as a tourist destination, the city was an obscure fishing village. You can't help but wonder how it developed into a place that's in great demand with individuals and families looking to enjoy their water park holidays. Here are some of its popular attractions that may provide the answers:


Exciting water park hotels and resorts

The water park hotels and resorts in Hurghada give you and your family the chance to stay close to the thrilling water slides, wave pools, and play areas. Your children would be thrilled to descend down the amazing slides and plunge into an exciting pool. As your family accommodation is arranged at the hotel or resort next to the water park, you don’t need to go hunting for places where your kids can have lots of fun. Besides, there are many other benefits associated with having a resort or hotel closer to the water park. The modern amenities offered at such places also go a long way in making your stay pleasant and memorable.


Enchanting beaches

There are times when you’d want to move away from the water park and relax in the midst of pleasant waters, soothing breeze and endless stretches of sands. Hurghada has some gorgeous beaches that give you and your family the chance to unwind amidst beautiful natural surroundings. The year-round excellent weather with comfortable daytime temperatures also makes it possible for you to visit these beaches with your family. Your children would also love to indulge in boat rides and swimming while exploring these beaches.


Historic structures and sites

When you embark on sightseeing trips, you’d certainly come across a magnificent mosque called the 'Al Azhar Mosque'. It is located on the El Hussein Square and was built on the orders of the Caliph, Muezz Li-Din Allah in the year 972 CE. This mosque is considered to be one of the most beautiful Islamic structures built in the 10th century and was a preferred meeting place for students. The architecture of this mosque is a combination of different styles prevailing in Egypt at that point of time.


Thrilling desert expeditions

There's so much happening in places near the waters that you often fail to notice that there's an entire desert awaiting you further ashore. You can take your family to these enormous dunes of sand, where everyone can enjoy quad biking and jeep expeditions. Don’t miss the buggy trips on dunes as you engage yourself in the tourist activities of these desert areas. While travelling to the desert, you and your loved ones would also be delighted to witness the valleys that are full of acacia trees.


When you begin to explore the rich cultural heritage of Hurghada, you’d realise that there’s much more to see and do in this Egyptian city. You and your family can explore more of this city and have loads of fun and entertainment with the water park holidays offered by Lowest2.