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One of the best aspects of Jamaica is the abundance of beaches in the island destination. Besides reggae music and 'jerk chicken', this is one of the reasons why plenty of tourists from different corners of the globe arrive here every year. The beaches range from the popular sandy stretches visited by locals and tourists to the more secluded ones that give you the chance to escape the hustle-bustle of crowds. During your visit to these beaches, you can either choose to go swimming and snorkelling or just unwind on your sun-lounger and feel the warm rays of the sun touch you gently. Here are the five popular beaches worth visiting in Jamaica:



Reggae Beach

This beautiful stretch of soft sands gives you the opportunity to witness some reggae jam sessions during your jamaica holidays. Perhaps, this is why it got this name! On the gentle sands of this beach touched by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, the local reggae musicians play their favourite tunes. Don't forget to savour a platter of jerk chicken and a chilled cocktail at any of the beach-front bars while being treated to some live music by the local performers.


Doctor's Cave Beach

You'll be delighted to visit this beach, where there are seemingly endless stretches of golden sands. This is one particular beach that has pleased the tourists and locals alike over the years. It is a place where you can feel a sense of tranquillity even when there are people around, thanks to the ban on radios, vendors, and footballs. You'll have to pay a nominal fee to enjoy your time on this beach. However, you'll have access to some wonderful facilities, such as equipment for rent and changing rooms.



Boston Bay Beach

Known for its ideal conditions and facilities for surfers, Boston Bay Beach is also home to many stalls that dish out the best local delicacies. You can take some windsurfing lessons from the beach-front surf schools located nearby. If you're a novice, you'll be able to rent boards and test your skills in this exciting activity.


Seven Mile Beach

For the sunbathers, there'll hardly be a better place in Jamaica than this beach located in Negril. True to its name, this sandy stretch extends to about 7 miles and is visited in great numbers by individuals as well as families. Vendors can also be seen wandering on the sands, selling some mouth-watering street food to the visitors. Parties are a common sight on Seven Mile Beach. If you wish to party all night until the wee hours of dawn, visit a popular night club located close to the beach.



Treasure Beach

Stretching to nearly 6 miles, this beach combines the dark sand beaches of 4 different fishing villages that are rarely visited by tourists. The reason why it doesn't get many visitors is its distance from the airport, which takes a long drive of nearly 2 hours. You'll find a few lodging options, such as guest houses and beach-front cottages. This beach is a must-visit if you wish to have a good time in solitude.


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