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Greece never fails to fascinate! The country has an exciting history that's full of intriguing tales about great kings and philosophers; and then there are vast expanses of natural beauty, characterised by gorgeous islands and blue waters of the Aegean Sea. You would get some interesting insights while exploring its natural and historical attractions. However, your holiday in Greece would never be complete without tasting the culinary delights from the Greek kitchen. Here are some mouth-watering treats that we've carefully chosen from the delectable Greek cuisine:


1. Souvlaki

The word 'Souvlaki' literally translates as 'meat on a skewer'. True to its meaning, this popular Greek delicacy involves lamb, pork, chicken, or beef grilled on a skewer and served with sauces. In southern parts of Greece, this dish is popularly known as 'Kalamaki'. It is sometimes served by wrapping the grilled meat in ‘pita’ bread with sauce and garnished with sliced onions, tomatoes, and fried potatoes. This variety is called Souvlaki-pita since it uses 'pita', which is a form of flat, round bread.


2. Gyro

Inexpensive and yummy, Gyros are slices of meat roasted vertically by turning them on a long metal stick. They are then placed in a pita along with many of the taste-enhancing ingredients like onions, lettuce, potato chips, and sauce. Small strips of fat may be added while roasting if the meat is not fatty enough. This is done to keep the meat crispy and moist. It was developed in the nineteenth century during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and bears resemblance to the Turkish 'Doner Kebab'.


3. Moussaka

Whenever there is a big Greek family gathering, this juicy and creamy dish is prepared by the homemakers. Tomato sauce is used in Moussaka to cook minced beef and then the preparation is layered with sweet eggplants and bechamel sauce. The name 'Moussaka' has its origins in the Arab word 'Musaqqaah', which means 'chilled'. It is usually eaten cold by the Arabs and at room temperature by the Turkish people, but the Greeks like to eat it hot.


4. Baklava

A rich and sweet pastry used mostly as dessert, Baklava is prepared using layers of extremely thin unleavened dough called 'filo' and filled with chopped nuts in between. With the use of honey or syrup, they are sweetened and held together. Baklava is another fabulous gift from the times of Ottoman rulers. This Greek dessert adds a festive mood among the diners and is loved by many for its unique flavour and crispiness.


5. Greek Salad

People of Greece usually like to have 'Choriatiki' or the Greek salad with their meals. This salad is prepared using tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and a big slice of feta cheese. Although it has been used as a starter traditionally, the Greek salad can also be eaten as a delicious side dish. The dressing of this salad depends upon the choice of the individual preparing it. This is the reason why you would find slight variations in ingredients used for its dressing across restaurants in Greece.


If these lip-smacking Greek delicacies have left you craving to grab a bite, you’d be surely thinking of packing your bags and setting off to Greece for a holiday. You can book a delightful holiday to Greece on Lowest2 and savour some fantastic offerings during your time spent in the country.