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We hope you’ve planned your travel schedule for the remaining part of the year. Did anyone say “I haven’t?” Well, then here's your chance to stop for a while and think about the wonderful opportunities that await you in the days to come. We've picked some of the most exciting upcoming festivals celebrated in different parts of the world, which give you the opportunity to witness the most spectacular sights you might have rarely come across in your life. This would help you plan your travel much in advance to the places where you can enjoy these grand celebrations.


So, here are the top 10 eagerly-awaited global festivals:


1. Thrissur Pooram (Place: Kerala, India) – 5th May



It doesn't come as a surprise that Thrissur city is known as the cultural capital of Kerala, one of India's southern states. On the 5th of May this year, Thrissur would once again come alive with the mother of all elephant processions - The Thrissur Pooram. The grandeur of this festival would truly amaze you, as the teams of 15 ornately decorated elephants line up across the grounds of the majestic Vadakkumnaathan Temple.


2. Cannes Film Festival (Place: Cannes, France) – 17th to 28th May



For 12 days in the month of May every year, thousands of movie stars, directors, producers, distributors and publicists arrive in Cannes, a small town located in the Cote d'Azur region of France, for the Cannes Film Festival. This grand event allows you to do some celebrity-spotting after lunchtime. Rooms in Cannes are booked months in advance for this festival. So you need to book your hotel stay now or stay in any of the hotels in nearby Antibes.


3. Inti Raymi (Place: Cuzco, Peru) – 24th June



At Sacsayhuaman, a hefty stone ruin located in the Cuzco city of Peru, the Incan New Year and winter solstice is celebrated in the form of Inti Raymi. In this Peruvian festival, an eye-catching ceremony takes place, which is the re-enactment of traditions that date back about 500 years. Chosen participants of this elaborate faux ceremony are seen dressed as the emperor, his female counterpart, priests, and other characters.


4. Batalla del Vino (Place: Haro, Spain) – 29th June



In a town called Haro, located in the Rioja wine region of Spain, you can enter into a 'wine battle', also known as 'Batalla del Vino' on the 29th of June every year. A night of zestful celebrations on the street with plenty of drinks, food, music, and dance is followed by the day of the great battle when plenty of red wine is splashed around on people. You won't be spared either!


5. Tomorrowland (Place: Boom, Belgium) – 21st to 30th July



If you are a fan of EDM (Electronic Music Dance), this ultimate EDM festival held in a town called Boom in Belgium is something you just can't miss. This world-famous event was first held in the year 2005 and went on to become one of the most popular global music festivals. It goes on for 10 days and witnesses huge crowds of EDM lovers.


6. Ganesh Chaturthi (Place: Maharashtra, India) – 25th August to 5th September



This festival is celebrated by Hindus in India and places across the world, such as Europe, Trinidad, United States, Fiji, Suriname and Mauritius. However, major celebrations can be witnessed in the Indian state, Maharashtra, especially in its capital, Mumbai. It is celebrated both as a private and public event, but it is on the streets of Mumbai and a few other parts of Maharashtra where grand processions take place. Of course, there’s plenty of music and dance involved.


7. La Tomatina (Place: Valencia, Spain) – 30th August



It doesn't get crazier than this! The La Tomatina Festival, held in a Spanish town called Bunol in the port city, Valencia, is an ultimate riot of tomatoes. It begins at around 10 in the morning as small trucks drop heaps and heaps of tomatoes to the ground, and most of the time, they are mashed to ensure that the party doesn't get painful. You can throw them on anyone – friends or strangers. All are welcome.


8. Oktoberfest (Place: Munich, Germany) – 16th September to 3rd October



Beer lovers would love to be in the world's biggest beer festival held in Munich, the largest city and capital of the German state, Bavaria. Millions of litres of beer are served during the entire period spanning this festival, along with different kinds of entertainment for the visitors like amusement rides, food, and a variety of games.


9. Dia de los Muertos (Place: Mexico City, Mexico) – 31st October to 2nd November



Translated as the 'Day of the Dead', this festival witnesses gatherings of family members and close friends who pray and remember their loved ones who have died, and lend their support to the spiritual journey of the dead. You would also get to witness a grand parade on this occasion, which is anticipated to become bigger than the Rio Carnival in the coming years.


10. Loy Krathong & Yi Peng (Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand) – 3rd November to 5th November



On the full-moon night of the 12th Thai lunar month, Loi Krathong is celebrated throughout Thailand, while Yi Peng is celebrated with elaborate ceremonies in Chiang Mai. Both these festivals are a visual treat for any individual. The noticeable difference between the two is that Loy Krathong is celebrated by floating a decorated circular object called Krathong in the water bodies, while Yi Peng involves the release of light lanterns into the night sky.


If these festivals have raised your curiosity and you’re really excited to witness the grand festivities, you can book your travel well in advance on www.lowest2.co.uk