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Indian Ocean

Explore Enchanting Islands with Cheap Flights to Indian Ocean


The Indian Ocean contains about 20 percent of water on the surface of planet Earth. It was known as 'Ratnakara' in the ancient Sanskrit literature, which translates as 'the mine of gems'. This region has some of the most charming islands in the world that are visited by millions of tourists from different parts of the globe every year. All these destinations are rich in natural beauty and have an abundance of white-sand beaches.


Best time to visit Indian Ocean Destinations


Weather in different islands of the Indian Ocean varies according to their geographical location. You can enjoy sightseeing, spend a relaxed time on the beaches, and enjoy some adventurous outdoor activities in the sunnier seasons. Upon booking the flights to Indian Ocean destinations well in advance, you can get the best deals that would significantly reduce your travel costs.


Getting to Indian Ocean Destinations from London


International airports located in the Indian Ocean destinations handle a significant amount of air traffic and are well-equipped with all the required facilities. You can take direct flights to Indian Ocean from London operated by some of the leading airlines. Alternatively, you can also choose connecting flights to get to your desired destination in the Indian Ocean from London.


Hotels in Indian Ocean Destinations


Your can book your stays in any of the luxurious hotels and resorts located close to the airports in the Indian Ocean destinations for greater convenience. The rooms or suites in them are provided with the latest facilities designed for a memorable stay of their guests, such as free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour room service.


Popular attractions in Indian Ocean Destinations


Among the famous attractions in this part of the world are the powdery white-sand beaches on the fascinating islands. These beaches are set against the backdrop of beautiful natural surroundings and you can enjoy some fantastic activities like snorkelling and scuba diving in the turquoise waters.  Lowest2 offers cheap tickets to Indian Ocean that give you greater savings to explore all such fabulous attractions.

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