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Travel to Exotic Destinations During Your African Holidays


Africa is home to 54 countries that have a wealth of natural attractions and communities that have their own unique tribal culture. Vast tropical rain forests exist in Central Africa, while the Sahara offers endless sand dunes. You can find an abundance of savannahs in some regions and in the others there are snow-capped mountains. Among the African natural gifts, you would certainly not like to miss the varied species of wild animals that constitute the continent's amazing wildlife.


Food in Africa


The African cuisine is a great combination of vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk and meat products. While in Egypt, you can taste one of its national dishes called 'Ful Medames' and some of the popular dishes of the Middle East. Fufu is Central Africa's staple food, while you would also like to savour Ugali, which is eaten with a side dish of cabbage or collard greens. Your African holidays also give you the chance to taste Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali, South African and other popular cuisines.


Places to visit in Africa


During your trip to Nairobi, you would witness a cosmopolitan culture, unique wildlife attractions and an exciting nightlife. A visit to Dar es Salaam introduces you to the city's fabulous craft markets, sandy beaches and historic structures. Get into an unusual mood of creativity and energy during your tour of Johannesburg. For an entirely different shopping experience, you can take a stroll in any of the souks of Marrakech.


Fun activities in Africa


Going on a wildlife safari is among the most popular activities for tourists visiting the African continent. During these safaris, you can watch the wild animals such as lions, leopards, cape buffalos, elephants and rhinos in their natural habitat. The mountains of Africa give you ample opportunities for hiking or trekking. The markets or bazaars in several countries of the continent offer a fantastic shopping experience along with best bargains on the desired items.


Nightlife in Africa


Although there are countries in Africa that do not have a vibrant nightlife, there are some that offer you several options to make your nights fun and exciting. There are clubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town that make for perfect venues during your holidays to Africa to enjoy some soothing drinks and hit the dance floor. You can also find some excellent spots in Nairobi for night-time entertainment. Some of them have 'happy hours' for their patrons when they can enjoy wines and cocktails at discounted rates.


Stay in Africa


A diverse range of accommodations is available in the popular travel destinations in Africa. The luxury hotels have all the modern facilities for a comfortable stay of their guests. You can also find some cost-effective options like lodges and low-cost resorts for enjoying comfortable stays at the best prices. Safari lodges, tented camps and guest houses are other types of accommodations available for you during your trip to Africa.


Festivals in Africa


Some of the important festivals like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha are celebrated across Africa. In South Africa, the biggest festival of jazz is hosted every year in Cape Town. Another annual event which is considered as one of the largest competitive music festivals in Africa is the Kenya Music Festival.


Best time to visit Africa


It is important to do a bit of research while planning a trip to the African destinations. The continent is warm and sunny for most parts of the year, with variations occurring in countries and regions within a particular country. The cheap safari holidays offered by Lowest2 helps you to plan your safaris while touring the exotic destinations of Africa. In the southern regions of Africa, the period between May and October is the best time for enjoying wildlife safaris.

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