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Holidays to Casablanca

Casablanca Holidays

Explore Morocco's Largest City with Casablanca Holidays


If there is one Moroccan city that symbolises the country's economic progress, it is definitely Casablanca. Despite becoming the largest financial centres on the African continent, Casablanca has managed to preserve its Moroccan heritage to a considerable extent. You would notice this fact when you come across the Mauresque buildings that beautifully blend the French colonial design with traditional Moroccan architecture.


Food in Casablanca


You would surely relish a steaming bowl of Harira, a soup prepared using lentils, tomatoes, chickpeas and lamb. Another mouth-watering treat is Couscous, which is a fine wheat pasta rolled by hand and steamed over meat and vegetable stew. A special pie called Pastilla is prepared with a blend of almonds, pigeon meat, and a variety of spices before dusting the entire preparation with cinnamon and sugar. You can savour the region's popular delicacies during your Casablanca holidays at the Ifrane Restaurant located at the heart of the city.


Tourist attractions in Casablanca


For those who enjoy being at the beachfront, Casablanca's Corniche would be an ideal spot. You would also like the Casablanca Cathedral, which was built in the 1930s and is a fascinating blend of European and Moroccan architectural styles. Near the northern tip of the city's old quarters is the Hassan II Mosque, the world's second-largest mosque. If you wish to take a break from sightseeing and enjoy some soothing winds, head to the Ain Diab Beach.


Fun things to do in Casablanca


One of the best outdoor activities in the city is horse riding on the Ain Diab beach. Dar Bouazza, a beach town near Casablanca, can be an excellent spot to try windsurfing and kitesurfing with the help of local operators. You can have a fantastic shopping experience at the Morocco Mall, which has a total floor space of 200,000 square metres and features a massive aquarium along with more than 350 retail stores.


Nightlife in Casablanca


As the sun goes down in Casablanca, the city wakes up to an exciting nightlife with its sophisticated restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Most of these after-dark hotspots are located in the city's elegant hotels and resorts. Among them is a nightclub called Alias Club, which is a part of the Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort. It hosts an excellent line-up of events and has a dedicated space for dancing and enjoying some lavish cocktails.


Stay in Casablanca


There are different types of accommodations available in the city according to varying sizes of budgets. If you are someone for whom cost is not a concern, stay in the elegant rooms or suites of luxurious five-star hotels. There are some fabulous choices in hotels for mid-range budgets as well. For individuals travelling on a tight budget, there are cheap hotels and hostels in the city with basic facilities. Getting around in Casablanca is made easy with an efficient public transport system that involves trams, buses, and taxis.


Festivals in Casablanca


Religious festivals, such as Aid-el-Fitr and Aid-el-Kebir are celebrated according to the Islamic calendar in this city every year. Usually celebrated in July, the Festival of Casablanca lasts for a week and features some talented artists. Another exciting event is the Jazzablanca Festival that witnesses some great performances of Jazz by well-known artists from different parts of the world. Between May and June, you can find some marvellous exhibits of Safi ceramics during the Ceramic Festival.


Best time to visit Casablanca


Spring from March to May is the best time to visit this city as it appears extremely beautiful during this time of the year. You can also enjoy some exciting outdoor activities in the spring season with the presence of comfortable daytime temperatures and lesser rains. Lowest2 offers cheap holidays to Casablanca that not only get you a significant amount of savings but also gives you the chance to enjoy the city's best offerings.

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