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Fez Holidays

Be in the Athens of Africa with Fez Holidays


Fez is Morocco's second-largest city and was its capital until the year 1925. It was founded by Idris I during the 8th century on the banks of Jawhar River. Fondly called as the 'Athens of Africa' by some, it has still retained its old-world charm even after so many centuries. While getting around in this city, you would get to witness narrow alleys leading to majestic squares, streets lined up with aromatic food stands, and workshops of talented artisans.


Eating out in Fez


The favourite dish of locals is Khli'i, which is prepared using thin pieces of spiced and dried beef ribs. Another famous delicacy of this region is Bastilla, made with chicken, eggs, onions and pastry leaves. During your Fez holidays in the month of Ramadan, you would get to taste the honey-coated pastry, Chebakia, and a Moroccan soup called Harira. A visit to the Chez Rachid restaurant would give you the chance to relish some mouth-watering delights from the Moroccan cuisine.


Places to visit in Fez


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fes el Bali is worth visiting for its historic monuments, old buildings, and traditional markets. You would also be delighted to explore the Batha Museum, which features a vast collection of carpets, jewellery, and other items that are ideal examples of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The Tazzeka National Park is also a fascinating place to be in as it has vast forests of cedars and cork oaks.


Fun activities in Fez


A 3-day desert tour from Fez to Marrakech allows you to experience the Berber way of life and discover the desert, Todgha River and villages along it. You can get to Mount Zalagh to enjoy some mountain biking. It would also give you the opportunity to enjoy marvellous views of Fez from the top. For a wonderful shopping experience, you can head to the Borj Fez shopping mall that has a big supermarket and more than 80 retail outlets.


Nightlife in Fez


You cannot expect an exciting nightlife in most of Fez unless you are invited to a Moroccan wedding that is meant to last all night. This is largely owing to the conservative society that dominates almost the entire city. However, there are places such as the upscale neighbourhood of Ville Nouvelle that are the exceptions and you can certainly have some thrilling after-dark entertainment in these areas. One of the highly recommended places for the party crowd is Felix Nightclub located in Hotel Tghat.


Accommodation in Fez


While there are several options in luxury hotels that provide elegant rooms and suites for highly comfortable stays, you can also choose to stay in spacious and elegant traditional houses in Fez called 'riads'. Many of such riads have been converted into hotels in recent times. You can also choose to stay in well-furnished apartments that can have up to 8 beds. Getting around in Fez is made convenient with buses, taxis, and car rentals.


Festivals in Fez


Aid-el-Fitr and Aid-el-Kebir are the two major festivals celebrated in accordance with the Islamic calendar in Fez. The World Festival of Sacred Music has been celebrated in the city since 1994 and is a massive cultural event with participants from different corners of the globe. Every year, the Festival of Sufi Culture is celebrated with spectacular concerts in the courtyard of Batha Museum and is participated by renowned Sufi musicians from various countries of the world.


Best time to visit Fez


The period from April to June and the months of September and October are characterised by pleasant climatic conditions in Fez. It gives you the chance to embark on sightseeing tours and to enjoy other outdoor activities as well. Lowest2 offers cheap holidays to Fez that give you greater savings and include some of the wonderful offerings of this Moroccan city.

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