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Australia & New Zealand Holidays

Holidays to Australia and New Zealand Take You to Enchanting Places


Australia and New Zealand are unique and diverse countries with a varied culture, resulting from an amazing mix of its multicultural and multi-racial population. With the presence of several natural and man-made attractions, you would have many things to explore during your time spent in these countries. The diversity of these nations create some fascinating experiences, which you would cherish in your memories forever.


Food in Australia and New Zealand


Traditional Australian food is influenced by the English diet. However, in recent times, the Australian cuisine has evolved to a great extent owing to the fusion of Thai, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese and other culinary styles. Food in New Zealand has a larger influence of Polynesian cooking methods, although the country's traditional dishes have their origins in the humble countryside cooking methods of the British Isles. Your holidays to Australia and New Zealand would give you the chance to savour your desired delicacies offered in popular restaurants of the region.


Tourist attractions in Australia and New Zealand


With more than 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays and several mangrove islands, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-visit for every tourist. Another unique attraction is the Abel Tasman National Park, which comprises of hilly forests, granite cliffs, and sandy beaches. You can unwind on the Seventy Five Mile Beach on Fraser Island amid pleasant natural surroundings that include rock pools and sandstone cliffs.


Fun things to do in Australia and New Zealand


You can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving by taking a catamaran cruise to the famous dive sites near the Great Barrier Reef. Take a river cruise to explore the Blue Mountains and its beautiful sceneries. Some of the tour operators provide jetskiing trips near the Daydream Island with the help of experienced guides. You can shop for some gifts or souvenirs in the Bayfair Shopping Centre located in the city of Tauranga.


Nightlife in Australia and New Zealand


In the major cities of Australia and New Zealand, you would find many bars and clubs where you can enjoy an exciting nightlife. A bar known as Outback in Hamilton is an excellent place to have lots of fun during your holidays in New Zealand, as you would also have a good selection of beers and house spirits and get to dance to the tune of some thrilling numbers.


Stay in Australia and New Zealand


Major international hotels, as well as the ones that offer mid-range accommodations, can be found in Australia and New Zealand, giving you several options for a comfortable stay depending on your budget. Low-cost stays are offered by hostels that are located in cities and remote locations. Getting around in Australia and New Zealand is made easier with domestic flights, trains, buses, taxis, and cars.


Festivals in Australia


The popular international festivals like Christmas and New Year’s Eve is celebrated with great fervour in Australia and New Zealand. An important festival for the Chinese community in this region is the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated with fireworks and other festivities. Dreaming Festival held in Queensland showcases the indigenous arts from different parts of the world and features artistic performances, exhibitions, workshops, and food fairs.


Best time to visit Australia and New Zealand


Northern parts of Australia have a decent weather during the period between April and August, making it the best time to visit this region. An ideal time to visit the southern parts of Australia is during the warm months of January and February. The best time to visit New Zealand is during the autumn months of March and April owing to a moderately warm climate and lesser crowds. The holiday packages to Australia offered by Lowest2 include the best destinations of the country and stays in some of the finest hotels.

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