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Holidays to Hobart

Hobart Holidays

Be in a Lively Australian City with Hobart Holidays


You would witness a perfect mix of culture, heritage, scenery and exciting activities while holidaying in Hobart, the capital of the Australian island state, Tasmania. It is nestled in the foothills of Mount Wellington and has a well-preserved bushland that extends to the city centre. Hobart offers something for everyone with its interesting history, vast expanses of rugged mountains, scenic waterways and excellent variety in food and entertainment. It is owing to these reasons that millions of travellers from different parts of the globe visit this fascinating Australian city.


Food in Hobart


A visit to Burger Haus during your Hobart holidays would give you the chance to enjoy one of its popular fare, Hot Haus. It is a burger stuffed with chicken breast, delicious cheese, roasted capsicum and other ingredients. While strolling around Battery Point, you would come across a majestic Italian restaurant called Ristorante Da Angelo. It serves some of the best varieties of pasta in the city, but the Chicken Calzoni served in this restaurant is an awesome treat.


Tourist attractions in Hobart


The 21-kilometre road from Huon Highway would take you through some enchanting sceneries on the way to Mount Wellington. Established in the early nineteenth century, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens provides glimpses of the Derwent River along with plenty of native and exotic plant species. If you wish to experience some moments of peace, visit the St. David's Cathedral. You can take a pleasant walk on the long crescent of sand that overlooks the Frederick Henry Bay on the Seven Mile Beach.


Fun things to do in Hobart


Hobart's charming coastal sceneries can be enjoyed during a 3-hour sailing trip on the Derwent River. A guided kayak tour from the city would help you witness some enormous cliffs, majestic beaches and caves. From the summit of Mount Wellington, you can begin your bike ride and marvel at the panoramic views while going downhill. You can shop for gifts and souvenirs in any of the shops at the Centrepoint Shopping Centre.


Nightlife in Hobart


Diverse options in entertainment await you in Hobart after sunset. Being the capital of Australia's island state of Tasmania, it rarely comes as a surprise that the city has a happening nightlife in store for locals as well as tourists. You can have an exciting time after dark at the Halo Nightclub, which is famed for its thrilling atmosphere, quality of music, and exceptional events.


Accommodation in Hobart


Tourists visiting Hobart can choose from different types of accommodation based on their budget and preferences. Elegant waterfront hotels provide luxurious stays for those who are willing to spend on high-end accommodation with all the latest facilities. Apartments and Bed and Breakfast accommodations are best suited for those who are on tight budgets. You can get around in the city using buses, taxis, or car rentals.


Festivals in Hobart


In addition to the global festivals like Christmas and New Year's Eve, there are a few other festivals celebrated in Hobart with great fervour. Among them is the Summer Festival in January, which showcases street theatre shows, Jazz performances, and other events with plenty of food and wine for 14 days. The Longest Night Film Festival, held in the month of June, features films of endurance in the world's remotest parts. In December, the Falls Music Festival entertains the enthusiastic crowds with some exciting contemporary music.


Best time to visit Hobart


The best times to be in Hobart is during summer, autumn, and spring seasons. Summer begins in the month of December and lasts until February. Autumn from March to May is characterised by pleasant daytime temperatures and reduced room rates in hotels. Spring arrives in Hobart in the month of September and continues until November. The Hobart holiday packages of Lowest2 include the best offerings of the city at the lowest prices.

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