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Canada Holidays

Visit a Diverse and Multicultural Country with Canada Holidays


Canada occupies the northern half of North America and is the second-largest country in the world considering its total area. As a result of large-scale immigration from different corners of the world over the years, it is among the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world today. Despite a massive land area, Canada is sparsely populated owing to the Rocky Mountains, tundra region and forest areas occupying most parts of the country.


Eating out in Canada


You would get to relish Poutine during your Canada holidays in a restaurant called Smoke's Poutinerie, located in the Ontario province of Canada. Poutine comprises of fries topped with meat-based gravy or curd. Another lip-smacking delicacy to try while holidaying in the country is Butter Tarts, made using sugar, butter and egg mixture with a crumbly crust and cream at the centre. You can enjoy them in a bakery known as Butter Tart Trail, which is also located in Ontario.


Places to visit in Canada


A visit to Vancouver Island during your holidays to Canada would give you the chance to experience a quaint atmosphere and visit several majestic museums. If you wish to have a feel of being in France, get to the Quebec city. The city also has an old quarter that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can take some time off from your busy travel schedules and unwind on the English Bay Beach located in downtown Vancouver.


Fun activities in Canada


The country’s winter sports like cross-country skiing and ice-climbing are extremely popular among locals as well as tourists. You can also embark on a backcountry hiking journey to escape the hustle-bustle of cities. If you wish to go kayaking on the quiet lakes or embark on a cycling tour through the wine regions, head to southern Canada. You can have a wonderful shopping experience at Les Galeries de la Capitale, Quebec's largest shopping mall with over 300 retail outlets.


Nightlife in Canada


When the sun goes down, the Canadian cities come alive with their fabulous offerings after dark to cater to the locals and tourists seeking an exciting nightlife. You can be assured of some great entertainment at night in the coastal seaport city, Vancouver. It has plenty of exciting nightclubs, such as Roxy and Cellar, where you can unwind, enjoy some soothing drinks, and dance to the tunes of some exciting numbers.


Accommodation in Canada


If you are looking for luxurious accommodations, Canada offers a range of elegant hotels in its cities that are equipped with all the latest facilities. The budget hotels provide basic facilities and can be ideal for those who cannot afford to spend on five-star stays. Bed and Breakfasts and hostels are ideal for enjoying cheap holidays to Canada as they offer stays at cheaper prices. You can get around in the country using trains, buses, and taxis.


Festivals in Canada


Besides the global festivals and events like Christmas and New Year's Eve, there are some festive occasions specific to Canada. The Celtic Colors International Event held in October celebrates the North American Celtic culture and is an important event. The annual Montreal Jazz Fest in July is an international jazz festival that features over 2,000 jazz musicians from different parts of the globe. You would get to witness some of the most amazing fireworks during the Vancouver Symphony of Fire held every summer.


Best time to visit Canada


The autumn months of September and October is considered as the best time to visit the country owing to pleasant temperatures, lesser crowds, and best deals on hotel accommodation. Winter from November to March would be an ideal time if you wish to enjoy Canada's winter sports. You can get attractive discounts on the holidays in Canada offered by Lowest2, which reduce your travel costs to a great extent.

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