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Holidays to Antigua

Antigua Holidays

Tour the Fascinating Caribbean Island with Antigua Holidays


The natives call it Waladli or Wadadli. Others around the world call it Antigua. This island in the West Indies is an internationally renowned sailing and yachting destination and attracts plenty of tourists every year. The island was named after Santa Maria de la Antigua, an icon in the Seville Cathedral in Spain. It is popular among tourists for its natural beauty, charming beaches, a laid-back atmosphere and friendly people.


Eating out in Antigua


Breakfast in Antigua involves Salt fish, which is made using salted and dried fish flaked and sautéed with a variety of ingredients like onions and spices. Ducana is a popular delicacy in the island, which involves sweet potato grated and combined with various types of seasonings, wrapped in banana leaf and boiled in water. Another mouth-watering treat is the Goat Water, a stew with traces of clove and cinnamon in its preparation. You can relish the local dishes during your Antigua holidays in restaurants like Catherines Cafe Plage and Sheer Rocks.


Places to visit in Antigua


Nelson's Dockyard National Park is a famous attraction of Antigua and has been recently declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The capital city of the island, St. John's is also worth exploring for its attractions like St. John's Cathedral and Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. Devil's Bridge, located in the Indian Town National Park is a natural limestone that has been sculpted over the years by the surf. You can relax on the Pigeon Point Beach, a ravishing stretch of fine sands.


Activities in Antigua


You can enjoy snorkelling in the waters near Half Moon Bay, which is excellently protected by a reef. Swimming in the company of stingrays can be an experience of a lifetime in a shallow pool amid a tropical reef called Stingray City. Dickenson Bay would be an excellent place for you to indulge in some adventurous water sports like windsurfing. You can head to St. Mary's Street to have a wonderful shopping experience.


Nightlife in Antigua


As the night approaches, Antigua gradually awakens to an amazing Caribbean nightlife with its exciting nightclubs, leisurely bars and entertainment venues. You can head to the local disco clubs like Abracadabra, where an energetic crowd of locals and tourists dance to the tune of some great numbers. If you want to stay away from crowds and enjoy a few glasses of drinks, the Castaways bar in Jolly Harbour would be a good choice.


Stay in Antigua


Getting an accommodation in Antigua based on your budget and preferences is made easier with the help of several options like hotels, villas, resorts, apartments and hostels. Apartment rentals and hostels are the best choices for tourists who are travelling on a limited budget and prefer dining out. If you have a good budget, there are luxurious hotels that provide rooms with the best facilities. You can get around on the island using any of the public transport modes such as buses, taxis and car rentals.


Festivals in Antigua


New Year's Eve and Christmas are celebrated with great festivities on the streets and beaches. The 1st of November is National Independence Day for the locals and is marked with food fairs and sporting events. Antigua Carnival is held between July and August and is highly recommended for tourists. Every August, the Mango and Pineapple Festival cherishes the island's local produce and dedicates an entire weekend to pineapples and mangoes.


Best time to visit Antigua


Lesser rains are encountered in the months between December and April, but the hotel accommodations get expensive and the island is crowded with tourists. You can also choose to visit during the period from May to November, which is an off-season. However, there is a slight threat of hurricanes in this season. The holidays to Antigua offered by Lowest2 help you visit this Caribbean island at lower prices.

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