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Holidays to Bahamas

Bahamas Holidays

Your Bahamas Holidays are Doorways to the Beautiful Islands


When you are in the Bahamas for your holidays, the possibilities are endless. With over 700 islands, and many cays and islets, you can have plenty of enchanting locations to explore in this archipelagic country. The word 'Bahamas' has been derived from the Spanish 'Baja Mar' which means 'shallow water'. Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the Bahamas. Considering this fact, it is obvious that you can expect world-class facilities and some fantastic locations in this region during your holidays.


Food in the Bahamas


Bahamian Stew Fish is a good delicacy to try, as it involves pan-fried fish served with a thick red sauce made using tomato, spices, onion and celery. Another lip-smacking dish is Pigeon Peas and Rice, which is commonly prepared using pork, pigeon peas, tomatoes, celery, thyme and rice. You can also try Rock Lobsters, a delicious treat of crustaceans steamed or boiled in salads or Creole-style sauces. You can taste the local culinary delights during your Bahamas holidays in Cafe Matisse and Margaritaville Bahamas restaurants.


Tourist attractions in the Bahamas


Nassau, the capital, is also one of the most popular ports of cruise ships in the Caribbean. You can embark on a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau to watch some amazing dolphins in action. A marine protected area called Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park has some striking seascapes, crystal-clear blue waters and sparkling white sands. You would come across an astonishing stretch of pink-sand beaches on your visit to Harbour Island. Other places to explore are Cable Beach, Andros Island, and Treasure Cay.


Fun activities in the Bahamas


There are some fabulous diving sites in the Bahamas, where you can indulge in snorkelling or scuba diving while exploring the underwater marine life. Swimming in the water parks can be a thrilling experience for adults as well as children. Leisure travellers can get into the warm waters, sailing away from the coasts and savouring the pleasant winds and waves. A Jeep safari tour would take you to the lush green forests and vegetation of Freeport to watch some exotic creatures.


Nightlife in the Bahamas


Nassau is the best spot in the Bahamas to have an exciting nightlife and most of the action takes place on the Paradise Island. You would find elegant discos, bars, comedy clubs and other places of entertainment after dark on the island. Many of the tourists are reminded of the nightclubs visited during their cheap holidays to cyprus upon exploring them. Some of the upscale clubs and bars are located in the luxury hotels. You can have a great time during your holidays to Bahamas after sunset in clubs like Aura and Ibiza Bahamas Beach Club.


Accommodation in the Bahamas


The elegant hotels and resorts in the Bahamas offer luxurious accommodations in the form of well-appointed rooms and suites. Other types of accommodations available in the island country are villas and condominiums. You can get around in the Bahamas using any of the convenient public transport modes, such as buses, taxis and ferries.


Festivals in the Bahamas


Besides New Year's Eve and Christmas, there are some colourful local festivals that are celebrated every year in the Bahamas. Among them is the Junkanoo Carnival, which features some grand performances on the streets with the performers wearing fancy masks and costumes. On the island of Eleuthera, the locals celebrate the Eleuthera Pineapple Festival with pineapple-eating contests, music, and beauty pageants. Another event to look forward to is the Bahamas International Film Festival.


Best time to visit the Bahamas


Starting from July, the best hotels in the Bahamas offer attractive deals on accommodations until the month of November. You can travel in June for the best prices, lesser crowds and decent climatic conditions. The cheap holidays to Bahamas offered by Lowest2 include the best locations in the islands at lower prices.

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