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Holidays to Barbados

Barbados Holidays

Barbados Holidays Offer You Perfect Places to Chill Out


Barbados is an island nation, believed to have been created by a volcanic activity that happened a long time ago. In recent times, it has become a popular travel destination with white-sand beaches and beautiful geographical features. The amazing network of underground lakes in this region provides an abundant supply of pure drinking water. You can feel instant relaxation while holidaying in this Caribbean island, as it has a pleasant climate with soothing breezes.


Food in Barbados


One of the most common delicacies of Barbados is Cou Cou, which is made using flying fish, okra, and cornmeal. Rice and Peas is a blend of pigeon peas and rice, served with fried fish, beef stew or chicken. You can also try Cooked Flying Fish, which is prepared by frying or steaming the fish with sliced onions and tomatoes. You can savour the local dishes during your Barbados holidays in restaurants like Nishi and Champers.


Tourist attractions in Barbados


Many of the tourists who go sightseeing in Barbados make it a point to visit the quaint village on the Atlantic east coast called Bathsheba. Another interesting place to visit is the UNESCO-protected Parliament Buildings, built in the late nineteenth century. You can explore different types of tropical plants at the Andromeda Botanic Gardens. If you wish to take a break from your sightseeing activities, you can head to the Crane Beach, which has attractive pink coral sands.


Activities in Barbados


There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed in Barbados during your holidays spent on the island. You can embark on a snorkelling trip to witness the amazing marine life in the crystal-clear waters near the beaches. An underwater tour aboard the submarine called Atlantis allows you to explore the tropical marine life and coral reefs. You can have a great shopping experience in the Sheraton Mall located on the South Coast, as it has more than a hundred stores that provide tax-free shopping. Tourists shopping at this mall are reminded of the experiences at the elegant malls during their abu dhabi holidays.



Nightlife in Barbados


After having a busy day of travelling and outdoor activities, you can unwind at the best places during your holidays in Barbados after dark. The beach bars, nightclubs, pubs and entertainment venues in the island country give you various options to enjoy a fabulous nightlife. With such diverse offerings, you would have an excellent time after sunset. For the best experiences, you can visit Harbour Lights, a perfect spot to have some drinks and dance to the exciting reggae and soca music genres.


Stay in Barbados


Whether it is a luxurious five-star hotel you are looking for or a modest bed and breakfast accommodation, Barbados provides all types of stays for its travellers. Hotels on the island provide stays in ultra-modern rooms or suites that are well-equipped with all the modern amenities. For tourists looking out for cheaper accommodations, there are inexpensive guest houses and self-catering apartments. Getting around in Barbados is made easy with an efficient public transport, which involves buses and taxis.


Festivals in Barbados


Besides Christmas and New Year, there are some important local festivals and events celebrated in Barbados. Among them is Crop Over, a popular summer festival that involves music, food, and cultural activities. If you are a fan of reggae, you would love the Barbados Reggae Festival. GospelFest gives locals as well as tourists the chance to rejoice with some excellent Christian music and arts. You can witness top chefs in action at the Barbados Food and Wine and Rum Festival.


Best time to visit Barbados


The period between December and April is the high season in Barbados, as tourists begin to arrive on the island towards the end of the hurricane season. You must plan your holidays earlier in this season when there are lesser tourists. The affordable holidays to Barbados offered by Lowest2 helps you explore the best locations in this island nation at lower prices.

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