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Holidays to Haiti

Savour The Idyllic Surroundings with Haiti Holidays


A country located in the Greater Antilles archipelago, Haiti is one of the most populous nations in the Caribbean. It was first discovered in the year 1492 when Columbus landed on its shores thinking that he had found India. More than a million tourists have visited Haiti in recent times, and most of them arrived from cruise ships. During your time spent in this country, you would come across palm-fringed beaches, some important historical sites, and a vibrant art and music scene.


Eating out in Haiti


Haiti's northern region has its own speciality called Poulet Aux Noix, which is prepared by cooking chicken in a tomato-based sauce along with cashew nuts. A traditional dish of the country that you must never miss is Griyo or fried pork. Yet another delicious dish is Tassot, which comprises of spiced, dried and fried meat. You can taste all these mouth-watering treats during your Haiti holidays in Myabel Cocktail Bar and Restaurant.


Places to visit in Haiti


You would marvel at the architectural grandeur of Citadelle Laferriere, a mountaintop fortress built for protection against French invasion. Situated on the hills of Jacmel is a beautiful and secluded waterfall known as Bassin Bleu, which gives tourists the chance to swim and spend some quality time amidst beautiful natural surroundings. The Sans-Souci Palace was home to Henri Christophe I, a former slave-turned-king, before it was destroyed partially in the earthquake of 1842. A visit to Kokoye Beach would give you the opportunity to relax on its powdery white sands. This beach reminds many tourists of their cheap holidays to krabi and the beaches explored in the Thai destination.


Fun activities in Haiti


Waters near the La Gonave Island are ideal for a guided snorkelling tour that allows you to witness an amazing marine life. You can also enjoy scuba diving at this place with the help of dive masters who are available for assistance aboard the boat. Sightseeing is a common activity for all tourists visiting Haiti and can be enjoyed with the help of an experienced guide. You would have a wonderful time shopping for local handicrafts at the Iron Market.


Nightlife in Haiti


If you wish to have a great nightlife while holidaying in this country, there would hardly be a place as exciting as the Esquina Latina Nightclub. Popular among the tourists, this club is located in the Petion-Ville suburb of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. This club hosts regular performances of the famous Kompa groups, and has a modern look and feel to it. Although this nightclub is a bit expensive, it would certainly give you an exciting time after dark.


Accommodation in Haiti


Luxury accommodations are provided by a range of elegant hotels in the country that are well-equipped with all the latest amenities. You can have cheap holidays to Haiti by staying in the self-catering apartments that provide basic facilities like television and furnished balcony. Getting to your desired destination in Haiti is made possible with an efficient transport system that involves domestic flights, air-conditioned buses, taxis, and car rentals.


Festivals in Haiti


In addition to Christmas and New Year's Eve, Haiti celebrates the first day of the New Year as its Independence Day. Every year, the country comes alive with colourful parades, dancing, and singing during its Carnival held either in January or February. The Krik? Krak! Festival held in May is a family-oriented festival, which involves traditional storytelling. On the 17th of October, the Haitians celebrate Dessalines Day in the memory of Haiti's founder, Jean-Jacques Dessalines.


Best time to visit Haiti


From April to November, Haiti experiences its wettest season, while the period from August to September is a hurricane season. The best time to visit the country is during the period from December to March, as the weather is extremely pleasant around this time of the year. You can reduce your travel costs to a great extent with the cost-effective holidays to Haiti offered by Lowest2.


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