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Holidays to Jamaica

Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica Holidays Give You the Chance to Unwind


An island country in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica has been influenced largely by the African ancestry. It also has a significant presence of European, Indian, and Chinese people. The musical genres of reggae, mento, dancehall and ragga have its origins in this region. It was the first country from the Western world where the railroad was first built after Great Britain. During your visit to this island nation, you would find plenty of natural attractions as well as the presence of a rich cultural heritage.


Food in Jamaica


The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and Saltfish and is commonly eaten by the people of this island as their breakfast. Another popular dish in the island country is Jerk Chicken which is offered everywhere, from roadside eateries to fancy restaurants. You would also relish the Curry Goat during your Jamaica holidays in the region's popular restaurants. If you want to try the mouth-watering Jamaican delicacies, head to Zimbali's Mountain Cooking Studio and Murphy's West End restaurants.


Tourist attractions in Jamaica


You would love to visit Falmouth, which is among the well-preserved Georgian towns in the Caribbean. Greenwood Great House is one of the major tourist attractions in this part of Jamaica. A trip to the Martha Brae River gives you the chance to savour beautiful natural surroundings. The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston is another must-visit attraction for tourists. Negril and Doctor's Cave are the two wonderful beaches in Jamaica, where you can unwind and enjoy some pleasant moments.


Fun things to do in Jamaica


Waters near the Boston Beach are ideal for surfing, as it has surfer-friendly waves and the beach offers free entry, restroom access, and parking. Blue Mountains would be an ideal spot for you to enjoy a hike; however, this demands a lot of stamina. If you happen to visit the Ocho Rios Park, take a guided climb of the Dunn's River waterfall. A 15-minute drive from Montego Bay would take you to Half Moon Shopping Village, where you can have a fantastic shopping experience.


Nightlife in Jamaica


When the sun goes down, Jamaica comes alive with an easy air and its lively bars and nightclubs. Chillin is a good place to hang out after dark during your holidays in Jamaica, as this hand-crafted Ice Bar has everything inside it made of ice. The Famous Nightclub, spread over a vast area, has tall ceilings and an amazing stage that is taken over by the best performers. Another interesting spot is Escape 24/7, which functions as a relaxed place to enjoy some drinks during the day and gets transformed into a great clubbing spot at night.


Stay in Jamaica

For the extravagant traveller, Jamaica offers luxurious accommodations in the form of elegant hotels and resorts that are located close to popular beaches. For tourists looking out for cheaper accommodations, the guesthouses provide comfortable stays at lower prices. You can get around in Jamaica using buses, minibuses, taxis and boats.


Jamaica Festivals


Besides, the Christmas and New Year celebrations, there are some fabulous events that are celebrated by the local population. Among them is the Accompong Maroon Festival, a cultural event that commemorates the life of Maroons through dances, songs, storytelling and some delicious food. The Bob Marley Celebrations are held in early February to commemorate the events and achievements in the life of this legendary star. Harbour Fest and Carnival are the other important events held in Jamaica every year.


Best time to visit Jamaica


In the months of November and December, Jamaica experiences a pleasant climate characterised by sunny skies and comfortable daytime temperatures. You can book your holiday before mid-December to get the best deals, as the holiday rush begins in the following days. The cost-effective holidays to Jamaica offered by Lowest2 give you greater savings to be utilised for your trip to the island country.

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